Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Do you know that

Elisa is in Doha now. :D

She is here for a week because Taufik has some course. But she is not staying at my place because she has a place in Marriot. Lagi best tuuu.

But it is school week over here so I couldn't entertain her much. Her highlights of the week are
1. she had to masak nasi because I had to rush to pick up the kids and we still had not have lunch yet. And I claim I am a goddess.
2. Then she washed the dishes also. *malunya*
3. I masak pun cincai-cincai je. Tak spesel pun.
4. She followed me to pick up the kids. Adus panas.
5. She went to the Aspire. The plan was the kids to play with the bike and Izani is to be let loose and run around the jogging track while the mummies exercise (hahahah) and Elisa click photos of Izani. But Izani slept all the way.
6. She had to endure the river of smelly dirty sewerage water that has turned into a small stream at my house. Izani had also accidentally fallen into this "river". I HATE MY HOUSE!!!! Hu hu hu. Malu sangat-sangat dengan tetamu. Rasa nak nangis dah ni.
7. I had to complete decorating Sya's hat for her school's green day project. Guess whose help did I ask to put the fake fruits on the hat?

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But then we
1. Went to a small fort/ watchtower in Umm Slal Mohammad.
2. We went to souq waqif.
2. Have a little picnic at the corniche (I didn't cook anything. Semuanya beli sahaja.) We let the kids play while we sew the fruits on the hat.
3. Elisa wanted to go to this shop selling lace that some of her friends bought here in D0ha. I have never been there but my oh my. Juling mata dibuatnya tengok lace-lace tu. And so cheaplak tu.
4. We went to this 6 riyal shop selling mostly err 6 riyal stuff. And I spent so much there. Ahaks.



akmal mubarak said...

Gambar Batrisya yg 1st tu sebijik mcm muka you!! Seblm ni I tak nampak persamaan. Kalau you bawak Elisa jln2 ke Al Khor, jemput singgah ke rumah ya.

Neeza Shahril said...

patutlah lama aje menyepi Elisa.. di Doha rupanya dia...

Lollies said...

akmal - ya ka? i pun tak perasan. alaa elisa tu nak balik hari ni dah. ni tengah buat nasi lemak untuk dia ni pun.

neeza - ah ah. berjalan sakan si elisa tu.

Ummi said...

I saw you at Elisa's. Comelnya..ingatkan anak dara saperlah pulak...Tahniah..!

MULAN said...

tak leh zoom la nak tengok awek berhijab pink tu..!!!

simah said...

jgn nangis cik kak!! la... tetamu tu pun paham kan..u were doing ur best in ur condition :0)

nice touch up there for d hat... budak yg cantik tu lgi la cantik... ur daughter will be a heartbreaker surely! :0)

simah said...

happy mother's day! :0)