Friday, April 11, 2008

Sya is Seven

syaSya turned seven last 8th April.

I must say this is one of the reasons I like to blog. So I can note down her progress as she grows older.

Let me see now, how is she doing so far. She reads very well and can gauge on her own the longer and difficult words. She likes reading on her own too. She is also doing well with her maths but I suspect that she might find it not challenging enough. If you have been following me, you would know that she is in the wrong year for her age.

She is close with this girl, Lena. I notice she tends to stay away from crowd and prefer a one-to-one friend. Even the teacher notices it. The teacher told me, batrisyia helps Lena alot. Lena has improved tremendously. That makes my heart swell. I smiled when I heard it. It's the kind of feeling that I know she is a good person.

Ask what she wants to be when she is older. She would probably say a teacher, because she likes teaching. But most of the time she said she wants to be like me. She wants to be a homemaker.

Err betul ke ni Batrisyia. I really should be proud of myself in a way. She must really like what she is observing. Haziq, the anal one, has been calculating and discussing with Sya, just how much pahala I am getting for cooking for the whole family and Sya just couldn't wait to get the same pahala too.

Sometimes she really wants to be handy in the kitchen. Sometimes I get annoyed because she is slowing me down. Sometimes I would call her in the pretense that she is the one cooking. Especially the simple food. The one that requires campak2 and stirring. The other day she made scramble egg. Well at least she stirred the egg.

But is this right? Is it ok not to want to aim for the sky? But well she is only seven. Let's check this entry when she is seventeen.

Her Iqra' reading has been progressing well. Actually I am slightly emberassed to tell you this because it is not as much as what she should be. The only reason is because I am the teacher. *hangs head in shame*. However she is progressing and this year the momentum is catching up. That reminds me not to stop the lessons during the summer break. 2 months is too long.

She is reading Iqra' 4 now. She has memorised four soorahs, Alfatehah, Ikhlas, Annas and AlFalaq. These have definitely been put on good use. When doing solat she can read the fatehah and the soorah part. i think she reads fatehah even during tahyat. hahahha.

You know the other day, Master Potty told them a scary story. The kids are scared actually. Master Potty was teasing sya too. But she said it's ok, I am reading Annas and Al Falaq before I go to sleep. And I have memorised too. the Syaitan will all go away. I think she is slightly worried that she has not mastered Ayat Kursi. But the point is, she believes. She believes that to seek refuge only to Allah. And Allah has bestowed us with these Soorahs. I think that is a tremendous step. To believe.

She is now in the midst of memorising Al MAsad and ayat Kursi. Slowly but Insya Allah surely.

Oh, just to note down here. She is still a messy girl. She never hangs her clothes or fold it nicely. Its always on the floor. geram betul aku dengan anak dara aku sorang ni! I have devise something about this. This links with weekly allowance. Another entry perhaps.

I didn't do much on her birthday because you know I am lazy. Tak yah cita lagilah kan. But I called up some friends to go to Aspire and play there. We brought the kids' bikes. Batrisyia was so proud to show her skills that day.

I made tiramisu, brought some drinks and chips. And my friends brought food too! Dah jadi macam a small picnic. Asalnya I cuma ajak dia orang main-main aje.

Anyway, dear Sya, I pray that you become wholesome person and excels in all aspects of life. the worldly one and the eternal one.

Pictures at Aspire HERE.

Compare her progress

When she is FIVE
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Neeza Shahril said...

She's so lovely. Compared to her age, I think she progressed well.
Happy 7th birthday dear Sya, from Auntie Neeza. Semoga Sha membesar sebagai seorang anak solehah. Insyallah...