Sunday, April 13, 2008

Making the shaytan go away

I wrote in my previous entry about the kids listening to a scary story by Master Potty. Naturally they got slightly jittery.

Batrisyia was relieved though that she has memorised Annas and AlFalaq. She said, I can recite this before I go to sleep, no shaytan will disturb me. Haziq boasted that he can already recite Ayat Kursi.

Zachary, then realised that he didn't have any ammunition. And not wanting to be the only victim to this terrible situation, he exclaimed, "You know you know. if you read Bismillahirahmanirahim, the shaytan will go away."

He he. He is truly an original.

Today I thought him the use of Alistiadzah. (I seek refuge with Allah from Shaytan the cursed one.) Bolehlah tu for a start ek?



Anonymous said...

Hi Lollies

Jack Jack is smiling in this pix - a rare one indeed, for he's usually shy!! Dah besar anak2 kita, kan?

Hope all of you are OK over there, take good care!

I Do & family in Kinrara

Lollies said...

Hi I do,

betullah he rarely smile for pics. he he. he is still shy kat luar. leceh betul nak suruh dia senyum kat orang.

yup the kids are getting bigger. its too fast. planning for another one?

MULAN said...

jack jack memang cute..!!

sya..!! happy belated birthday. oh thank you dear, for the pictures. dapat tengok kawan lama daku... anak laki dia tu, yg kakak dia pegang ka??

Lollies said...

mulan - err..i tak faham soklan you. apa maksud you "anak laki dia tu, yg kakak dia pegang ka??"

anak perempuan dia is in the picture DSC_0834.JPG and several other pictures. anak lelaki dia is in the picture sya and ashraf.jpg. tapi muka depan-depan tak ada.

-akuni- said...

One step at a time kan...

Dia memang comey...

Anonymous said...

Hi there.

Nope, not planning for another one...are u?

I Do