Sunday, February 08, 2009

I am Garang

Someone just told me that someone said, she takut to want to tegur me. When this someone heard me made a joke, she was really surprised. And actually ask someone, whether I am usually funny?




I really don't know what to make of these.

Am I garang, I ask myself? Do I look that scary and people rather not approach me? Or aloof? Or kerek looking?

And undeniably, I know she is not the first to think so. I know quite numerous people feel the same way. This is more apparent during the working days though. Unfortunately among the female gender.

Self reflect : Tak kot. I think I am friendly. Approachable. Warm. Accommodating.

True self reflect : Hmm perhaps not. Sometimes I probably am not as approachable to people I do not know. Tapi bukan semua orang macam tu ke? Hmm but I do wonder myself why other people make friends more easily than I do. But then, most of the time my efforts are too little.

But if I do fall in love with you, I would go an extra mile for you.


mama pasha said...

hahahah... i dont think so... lollies friendly enough untuk some one yg baru kenal like me masa dahulu..*pon sampai kini?? :P if tak cam na sampai boleh drop me and pasha off kat rumah yg di hujung berung ni padahal lollies bukan tau jalan pon.. qeqeqe.. lollies tak garang lahh.. :*

Neeza Shahril said...

Many of my schoolmates thought myself as sombong sebab muka selalu masam saja..
tapi, once they got to know me, diorang terkejut sebab I wasn't like what they thought of me..

I never met you.. tapi by reading the blogs (yours and others), I could safely tell you're a friendly and approachable person :)

Jill said...
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Jill said...

ko cakap laju dan kecoh la babe, orang yang tengok dari kejauhan dan orang yang tak tau apa ko cakap, musti ingat ko marah-marah ke hape, tapi sebenarnya penuh kemesraan dan kasih sayang. me love you long time.

Shaz said...

U garang eh? Or u look garang? We've not met in person, so tak leh nak kata... but I think this is normal, tak?

Dills said...

haiyaaa..same here lah! People will never come to me and tegur tegur me. Sbb muka i nih org kata muka garang and kots. Usually i have to make the first move. BUT i hardly do that..bukan sbb sombong sbb i ni berat molot. Tak reti & sangat lembab dalam berkomunikasi hahaha..tapi kalo dah kenal lamaaaa...i appreciate my friends. Alhamdulillah all the people i know, will always keep in touch with me no matter kat ceruk donia mana mereka berada. Ehemm...meanss org syiok jugak la nak berkawan dgn i .... wakakakaka...

elisataufik said...

hm.. i dont know lah you nampak garang ke tidak.. probably one of the advantages of knowing people on-line before meeting them in person *wink*

For me, I approach people based on the situation and the person.
If I'm on 'home ground', then I am more likely to introduce myself, but if I'm a guest, then I wait to be introduced.
If the person looks hu--ha kinda person, i wait to be approached (coz I'm sure she will make the first move), but if the person looks timid, then I will make the effort to approach her :)
If a friendship develops, then alhamdulillah. If not, then no biggie, you dont miss what you dont know.

Having said that, you're the friendliest person I know :)

azGROWLen said...

if people don't know you would say you are kereks; but if don't read the book they'll never know

ps Oui Mon Cherie

Nina Zan said...

First time I met you at Rasta, i only asked "Gartblue tak datang ke?" Jawapan berjela-jela.. kecoh betol la makcik ni.

I dun think you're garang at all.

Someone said org sebelah Melaka-Muar cakap jerit-jerit dan kasar. Probably that's what Dory meant.

Anonymous said...

aku dulu takut nak cakap dengan lolls

zan said...

garang ker? tak pun!..opposite betul...i would say friendly tapi tak tau laa kalau org yg tak kenal you ingat masa you dok pot pet tu you tgh marah...tak tau lah kan..

Lollies said...

hahahhaha. I think I learn more about myself from your comments. There are people who only know me online here, people who know me online and have met, people from my office days (who confirm that aku memang kerek :P)

nina and jill - ah ah ek! i was told that i speak really fast. and yet aku bising kat haziq suruh cakap slow sikit *roll eyes*