Thursday, February 05, 2009

Too Much Romantic

I remembered more than three years ago when my lover announced that he is accepted to come to Qtar. I remembered how I cried. I remembered how I didn't want to go.

I remembered also how depressed I was coming over here. I was either crying or arguing with him. I didn't like everything. I didn't like the lifestyle and the activities that I have to endure here. The makan and makan and makan and pot luck and pot luck and gatherings and gatherings and the borak and borak are just too much for me.

Allah has planned that things happen the way it happened to all of us. My mum passing away was a big milestone for me. So much so, with her death, I knew for certain that I must be with my husband. Life is too short to be away from each other.

Then I started making myself busy and became the ASS and met lots of people and assumed responsibility of editorialship tak fofessional.

Then again I complained to lover about the lack of religious knowledge especially the children. Alhamdullilah, even before I came here I have been teaching Haziq the Iqra' so we just resume from there. There were Fardhu Ain class for the kids but I knew it was not enough. Conducted in mainly Indonesia/ Malaysia was tough for my kids. So I knew I had to give them more. I tried the best I can. Still i don't think it's good enough.

But then again, there are usrah activities. Alhamdulillah for the Ustazs from Indonesia who are here as Muezzin. And there are also efforts bringing in speakers from Malaysia. Abdullah Yassin, Dato' Ismail Kamus, Azmil Mustapha, Dr. Hassan Mahmud Al Hafiz, Hussein Yee (He is coming again this middle of the month), SaifulIslam and many more. Alhamdullilah.

Not to mention International speakers like Hamza Yusuf, Yusuf Islam, Yusuf Estes, Bilal Philips, Yvonne Wridley and many more. They are brought in by F@nar and Qtar Guest Centre.

This year, Alhamdullilah, has turned into an amazing year to quickly eat up the romantic fruits. So much so I have to make a list for you.

Barakallahufik to the Malaysian ladies who put so much effort to start a fardhu ain. they braced through so much politics and perebutan kuasa and bureaucracy. Now the Malaysian fardhu Ain classes are conducted in Fanar every fortnight on Saturday evening. Unfortunately the kids' classes are full. But there are still spaces for the teens. Interested?

Q@tar Guest Centre (QGC), one of the most prominent daawah centre here in Qtar are also conducting classes for children from the age 4-13 on Saturday morning. It's called Q M Y S A P. Qtar Muslim Youth Saturday Programme. They started with the boys' class since last December. Refer to the web page HERE. It's a wonderful programme which not only are offering religious knowledge but also ensuring that they do sports. For mow the kids are doing football, volleyball ad basketball. Soon it will be swimming. And they are also looking at horse riding and archery. Ohh la la. The head of this programme is Dr. Bil@l Philips himself. What more is, the fathers must attend the boys' programme too for they have a class for adults. Kalau tak mo datang, takleh join. Sorry.

They are reviewing the Fundamental of Tawheed and the fathers yang kena buat presentation on each topic. My lover presented a topic on Fortune Telling and Astrology last week. tee he he

They just started the girls programme under the same banner. Alhamdullilah. I uhuk uhuk am the programme's treasurer. Mak gatal volunteer uols. Padan muka kena balancekan balance sheet tiap-tiap minggu! The mothers also must attend the adult class and are also reviewing the same book. Naturally I chose the same topic as lover's to present. Please wonder why. Tee he he The parents must do sports too. Seronok!!

The children are using The Islamic Education books by darussalam. And we are using the Fundamental of Tawheed. I must tell you, I am not entirely fond to read tawheed book. So it's kind of good to be forced even though I have only managed up to page 22. Tulisan dia keciklah uol. Pinau mata makcik ni hah.

books books

I love the idea of this programme. I pray it works out as the per the objectives.

Alhamdullilah, I am still at my arabic and tajweed classes. In the tajweed class we are reciting up to Al A'ala at the moment. I am happy with both of these classes. Indeed, these two classes have opened up so many doors for me. Alhamdullilah by the Grace of Allah. I am ever thankful to Him. May Allah reward all the teachers and sisters there with Jannah.

I am also attending another class which is Tafseer class. At the moment we are doing Al Baqarah (now 74-82). This is just a wonderful class to go to. I have always love tafseer but not as much as these. And I know what she is doing is nothing heavy pun. Just scraping to help us open more doors. I pray that Allah makes it easy for me (and for you) to go to tafseer class. So we can be carried away savouring the world of the Glorious Quran. There are homework of course. Alhamdullilah english is not a problem to me (I am saying this because I notice English is an obstacle for a few sisters. May Allah make it easy for them). I thank Allah and I pray that I can use this ability for His sake.

After the class sometimes we have general lectures on Fiqh and other things. Otherwise normal programme is to review the book The Ideal Muslimah by Dr Muhammad Ali al Hashimi.


My lover has started to take up class too. :D :D :D Alhamdullilah. Allah is most Merciful. Makcik suka banget. He is going to the lectures by Bilal Philips on Tafsir Al Mulk. It's open for both men and ladies (but I tak pergi). Be there at Fanar mosque on Friday between Maghrib and Isyak.


The truth is there are just so many avenues to learn about the deen here. You are really spoilt for choice.

For arabic : Go to either QCPI or Maryam center (the one that I go to) for beginners (FREE). For advanced got to Qtar Guest center ada for men or for women (ada bayar sikit). Go to Qtar Uni. Ramai gak Msians yang pergi ni. (ada bayar banyak). And many more paid ones.

Tajweed : Ustaz-ustaz indonesia. Haziq goes to one. Maryam Centre (the one I go to) and Markaz Mozza, near Al Waab Street and QCPI(FREE). BTW QCPI and Fanar are the same thing.

General Lectures : Do come to our weekly tafseer and general lectures at Markaz Al Zahra (QR200 you get books and stuff throughout the year).

Watch out for talks at Fanar (Hussein Yee is coming 10-14th February. So is his daughter. Both of them are doing tremendous daawah activities). The Malaysians do invite a lot of speakers as well. We have usrah groups and such.

Hadith Class : Every Thursday at fanar after Isyak. Brothers only.

The Lives of the prophets Lecture : For ladies only. If you have teenage girls I suggest you go. At Markaz Al Zahra on Saturday 5-7 p.m.

If you need details just email me at But I am not handling any of these activities. I am just dishing information aje. much of my grief of coming here before. Ask me now, am I happy living here?


azGROWLen said...

Glad to know that you are doing well, enjoying life over there and becoming a better muslimah.

lazydaisy said...

masyaAllah,respect your interest to gain knowledge.

tak sabar to wait my kids besar besar nanti i pun nak do this kind of thing jugak

definitely Allah has better plan for you to migrate to Qatar.

Ummu Layth said...

so, are you happy living there? hehehe

dalam AlQuran Allah suruh kita travel so that kita boleh menuntut ilmu and melihat dan mengambil pengajaran from different societies and baki2 tamadun lama. Alhamdulillah you dapat menunaikan benda ni. i always feel sorry for people who travel overseas and new places but they keep to themselves and their own people and when they go back home, they are no different or better than when they left.

that's why i teringin nak gi ke middle east because kat situ pusat ilmu pengetahuan. tengok je la list of things available yang you tulis ni. i tengok sungguhlah terliur.

satu benda i nak confess la kan. walaupun bagus aktiviti "usrah" style malaysia ni tapi sebenarnya isi kandungannya sama aje most of the time. iaitu nak membina khilafah Islamiyah. so bnyk la diskus mcm2 teori dan ideologi pergerakan islam. even though i agree that is our ultimate goal tapi i'm quite disappointed that they neglect the other tenets of Islamic teachings especially basic things like tawheed, fiqh and akhlaq.

btw, i love buku bilal philips tu. very refreshing. i gave one to rotinina. tak tau la dia abis baca ke belum. you tanya la dia hehehe!

Anonymous said...

I dont think there's any need to ask already, for sure the answer is you're happy there :), no doubts about it!

Reading all this, it just feels great great great!


elisataufik said...

best nya best nya...!!!
Kat sini banyak program lagha.. :P
hee hee

Anonymous said...

I am so envious...

I Do

mommy@lif said...


i wonder why you and lover chose the same topic..?

why eh? :p

nway i am happy for you, just reading this entry made me realize ade byk opportunities if we take things positively. tq for sharing :)

butterflutter said...

So happy for you


So envy of you, tau.

Lollies said...

azgrowlen - I am enjoying myself here. ALhamdullilah. jadi better ke tak, tak taulah lagi. :P

You know somehow I feel like I know you. Adakah betul firasat saya ini Dato'?

LD - It just seems so easy over here. I sort of fall into places aje. Alhamdullilah.

Ummu Layth - so happy taht if lover kata nak balik, I would cry all over again. :P

for you aliya, kalau ada peluang ke madinah ke or yemen ke would be just wonderful. I pray that you can do that.

psstt pandang kanan and kiri and kanan. I jave some reservations about the usrahs. because of the side activities invloved. Tapi Alhamdllilah now, the group call various ustadz and tajuk can be very good. Like tafsir and fiqh. part ni memang sensitive betul. when the ustadz talk about bidaah, people would argue so much. Ehem yours truly once also. so far tak ada pulak discuss topic tu. hmm nampak sangat i tak pernah pergi usrah selama ni.

you gave rotinina?untungnya dia! :D

nonah - indeed it is. sprinkle lolliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies to everyone.

Lollies said...

elisa - wehei! mana ada lagha. with all the projects you are doing, i am so envious. i wish i have some crafty streak in my blood. alas...:(

not to mention the korek bunga ros. jangan habiskan tau. atau jangan tinggalkan i yang kecik2 aje.

i do - jomlah datang sini. :D

mommy alif - hahahahhahahah. tapi yang bosannya, lover buat in powerpoint form but the ladies jenis cakap aje, no presentation. alamak!

bf - envy for good reason is good. Insya Allah, peluang datang when we don't even realise it. :)

~akuni~ said...

Yelah, nak tanya lah ni... heheheh...

Semoga selamat semua nya...

azGROWLen said...

yes you do

Lollies said...

akuni - Insya Allah. :)

azgrowlen - :) thought so. are you dato' azen?

famyGirl said...

saya tumpang happy :)

Anonymous said...

Salam :)

You have been very helpful with all this info!!


May Allah bless you for this great sharing.


Anonymous said...

Salam :)

You have been very helpful with all this info!!


May Allah bless you for this great sharing.


Lollies said...

famy - thank you darling

anon - I am glad to be of help. hope you have benefited in some of them. If you are interested in the tafsir class at Markaz Zahra, I can email you the map. they also have nursery for the little ones. But the nursery tu ada charge. QR100 sebulan i think.

masdiana said...

Also bcoz d person who came here 3 years ago isn't d same person who's here now kan? :-) But Allah won't change us unless we change ourselves 1st. May He bless our every moment here, ameen...

Anonymous said...


I am without a valid driving license .. hehe :D ( i just arrived end dec)
At the moment, I am just collecting as much info before I go on the roads.

But you have been very helpful! Thanks again!!

Lollies said...

diana - Ameen. Hugs

anon - Eh sekarang dah boleh convert. cepat cepat convert