Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things That Make Me Go Grrrrr

Now I can tell you among the things that make me go grrr as a continuation that I am garang (last post).

You know when you are at the cashier counter. And you want to fill up the things the cashier just registered. So you have to take up the fresh plastic bag and put your stuff in there. I always have problem with these plastic bags. Somehow they are not Lollies friendly. I always have a hard time opening up the bags. They are forever sticking to each other. I believe the more I rub the bag to open it, more electric charges discharging off of me making the plastics stick even more. It is so frustrating. Even more frustrating when the cashier is done with her job, and I have pile of things to be put in the bag and the waiting queue is long. All staring at me impatiently and no one cute is in the line.

My lover, though, doesn't seem to share this predicament of mine. He does not have any problem with the plastic bags. I retorted and said, that is because you have sticky fingers. Lizards and frogs have them too. :P

Indeed we should go plastic bag-less.

Before typing up this entry, I was enjoy my lempeng laden with onions and chillies. Cicah pulak dengan kari ayam pekat semalam. I ate them when it was still steaming hot. Glorious simple food! I was enjoying the curry swirling in my mouth and the sliced chillies are teasing my tongue when suddenly I found myself biting the food bomb. Do you now what a food bomb is? It's the cardamon. Ohhh and the explosion leaves you with an after taste lingering in your mouth for like the whole day. Total anti climax.

And biting a cardamon is one of the things that makes me go grrrrrr.

I also get Grrr when I accidentally kicked the table's foot or the bed or something. The toe hurt so much that my mind goes blank for a second but the pain remains forever. I really do feel like strangling someone when this happen.

The same goes when I bend down to take cengkih from the lower cabinet only to get up and bump my head on an open drawer above. Sakit tak terkata!

Hmm what else ah? I cannot think anymorelah. My head is steaming now due to the cili pedas in my lempeng. Tapi ahh sedapnya. Obviously by the time I finish typing this the cardamon taste has gone. But I tell you it was there like forever.


Neeza Shahril said...

I used to hate cardomom but since I 've to drink arabic coffee (baru 2 kali pun hehee), dah rasa cam suka lah pulak..
tapi of course, I won't go purposely take the cardomom and eat..

terlanggar katil pun geram jugak.. rasa nak pukul2 je katil tu hehe.. and honestly, I did it sometimes.. walaupun tahu salah sendiri sebenarnya..

~akuni~ said...

Eh... takut lah makcik garang nih!

Anonymous said...

hahah i have the same problem with them plastic bags at the cash register. must lick fingers first before opening them.. wife? no problem at all... cess

Lollies said...

neeza - you like the arab coffee? Err saya masih belum boleh. and you know there are some susu cair with cardamom taste in it. Kalau tersilap beli yang tu..haruuu

akuni - cekak pinggang ni. Hah! takut tak?

screw - betullah. aku pun kena jilat sikit jari macam nak bukak buku pulak. Grrrrr

elisataufik said...

eh kat sana kena letak brg dalam plastic sendiri ke? Kat sini kalau I nak buat, mesti taufik marah kata "takyah, biar dia (the bag boy) buat".
and betul lah, the rubbing never works. It only makes it worse. i always end up discarding that plastic and taking another one. Entah berapa plastic I wasted kat the bawang section when I tried to do that.

cengkih and pelaga .. I try to remove them before I serve.
Tapi ye lah, cardamom tea sungguh sedappp

Dills said...

Things that make me go grrrr semenjak preggie - Selalu terlupa perot dah kedepan.Perot selalu berlaga dgn sinki, and kalo terkena bucu sakit ya amaaatt esp kat pusat area yg dah tak de pusat tu(siap kena tampal plaster)...grrrrrr... Bila gosok gigi mata tgk cermin lupa perot dah block sinki so buih colgate jatuh atas perot...ggrrrrrr... Dan entah kenapa kalo preggie jadi clumsy semacam kalo time makan habiss tumpah tumpah atas baju..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

Tapik cardamon tea sedapppppppppsss :)

Lollies said...

elisa - actually kadang2 tak payah sebab ada mamat ni buat. tapi i rasa kadang2 dia orang lambat benor (i am impatient you see). and kadang2 nanti dia insist nak tolakkan trolley and times i dont feel like giving tips, i tak kasi dia buatkan untuk I (iknow i think too much)

dilla - hahahhhah. nasib baiklah perut awak tu comel loteh aje. kalau perut ikan paus macam saya...i could hardly see my face in the mirror. :P

eh u guys ni cakap cardamon tea ni is it the one with milk or what?

IbuHaziq said...

hehehe...i so understnad the plastic tk mo bukak part....i experience that all the time...nyampah betul laaaa.. ;p