Sunday, February 01, 2009


After three years staying in a gulf country, I think I can read some tell tale signs and forecast the change of season. I blogged sometime in November 2006 that one of tell tale signs that winter is coming is the morning fog. Read it HERE. And then of courselah the drop of temperature gradually. And the nice breeze and the calmer sun and flowers blooming everywhere. Read it HERE.

Likewise, when winter is ending, you will also be greeted with the morning fog. And temperature increase (huhuhu). Warmer breeze. And probably browning plants.

ambik gambar in fog aspireI went to the Aspire last Friday morning, which is by the way what we, the whole family, are doing every Friday morning since the winter started. It's really nice there in the morning. We try to uhuk uhuk jog, uhuk uhuk brisk walk or just walk or even taking a picture of my man doing the karate kid stunt. The Aspire has great jogging tracks and they make it slightly hilly so even if you don't run, at least you need effort to walk. The kids really need this. And I don't really like sedentary lifestyle that we have to live due to our current living environment. So haziq and jack ride their bikes and Sya rollerblades (early birthday present. better buy now when it's cold). Lover grumbles alot because he cannot continue his sleep. Then when I told him, I will go even if he is not coming (because the kids really do wake up early for this), terpaksalah gak dia ikut. Tee he he. Gertak acah aje tu.

Anyway last Friday we were greeted with a very dense fog. The kids were quiet on the way because it was kind of scary. There are always accidents on the road during this fog. Piled-up kind of accidents.

And when we got there it was kinda ghostly, but very nice.


walking in the fogqatar

Tapi winter dah nak habis. Huhuhu. temperature now is about 32C tengahari and pagi about 15C.


أم الليث said...

what's the range of temperatures in winter?

sudden ek change from winter to summer? 35 in the day time..that's the same in melbourne now.

i read somewhere it was snowing on the mountaintops at a desert. gerun tengok gambar. qiyamat dah makin dekat

butterflutter said...

Seronok tgk something diff from here.Suka gambar Jack2 tu, print on canvas mesti cantik.

Heard that someone I know thru mr is going to Doha. Makin ramai lah ya kat sana.

Lollies said...

aliya - tulah. the range is very big. masa winter the coldest yang i pernah rasa is tengahari 8C, malam about 3C. tapi tu sangat jarang. Yang 3C tu i was in the desert. otherwise it's 11C at night pukul 8 malam camtu eh night ni (i am sure it's colder masa midnight) and tengahari 14C.

yang ada snow tu kat Ras Al Khaimah in UAE about 5 hours from your uncle's place (Abu Dhabi). this one is closer to Iran and Iran snows too. In a way memang surprising sebab tak pernah snow yang kita taulah. But Iran selalu snow. Last year's was the thickest. But this gradual change is a sign for us to ponder gak. Wehei macam tajuk entry I lah.

BF - memang ramai malaya sekarang. Ramai yang I tak kenal.

Anonymous said...

Kejap je winter dah nak habis kan..? My son pun sama sanggup bangun pagi sebab nak naik basikal.Friday morning i kat Corniche. Tak pernah lagi ke Aspire.

elisataufik said...

bila camni I always imagine ada dinosaur will suddenly poke its head out of the fog.

I like that picture of Jack too. really nice.

p/s eh, so you jogging ke, amik gambar?

Lollies said...

dilla - tulah kan? corniche would be nearer to you than aspire. Eh ada sekali tu I pergi, tak jumpa you pulak. nampak adam aje

elisa - i err errr errr lari gaya manis gitu. running pun is about relativity kan?

ray said...

Komen Pak Malim kucing ray yg alim.


Terima kasih la kerana menerangkan tentang Desert Rose dlm blog Elisa tadi, kata Pak Malim sambil minum todi. Lirik yg saya paling suka dlm lagu tu ialah, 'ye le, ye le'. Wah, banyaknye daun2 yg berguguran dlm gambar itu, kata Pak Malim sambil menggaru kutu. Kalau duit yg gugur sebanyak itu, seronok, kan, kata Pak Malim sambil menuju ke Pekan.

disturbia said...

looking at those pics... making me think... wow... it must be a nice place...

KakNi said...

Nampak peace jer... hmmm....

Lollies said...

ray - ahhhhhhh! mana blognya? kasi reveallah itu blog. :D

anyway itu sesungguhnya bukanlah daun-daun berguguran tetapi adalah cebisan kayu-kayu yang memang depa bubuh sebagai soft track. Tapi kalau itu duit, ana sangat sukalah

disturbia - Malaysia lagi cantik, me believe. :D

akuni - fog memang buat namapk cam tu kan. It is nice in the morning. panas kalu..tak tahan.