Monday, December 21, 2009

Masih Lagi Orang : Panama

These videos reminded me of when I was initially not accepted to go for hajj. I can still remember the anxiety waiting for the sms by the hajj comittee. And finally to hear that I was not accepted by them.

I can't describe the feeling for the lack of good words. I was blanketed in loss of the chance of the greatest ibadah of not being able to go for hajj. To fulfill the fifth pillar. That my age is increasing. And I could die anytime. And that I need the hajj. That my heart is there and I need to be there too.

At the same time I know this is Qadr Allah and that everything is a test. Indeed. It gives me different perspective of things. Got money. Got health. Got mahram. Got means. Got help. Want to go. All means are there. If Allah wills otherwise, then it is otherwise. From the start He is the best planner.

And when turn of events happen, I appreciate the acceptance more. Syukur! Syukur! And the semangat was overwhelming! Even thinking of those times, made me feel bersemangat.

I remembered watching this move, panggilan kaabah (apparently this is not the title. This is the title of the famous nasyid. :P apa title cerita ni ah?), or something. Acted by fauziah Nawi and perhaps Abu Bakar Omar (kot?). Anyway the wife wanted to go for hajj so much. But the husband was lax about it. Tak sampai seru kinda thing. Wifey makes dua and save up her money. She worked really hard. Doing kebun work or something like that. Oh ya, setting : kampung.

And she was always crying. Sebab tak taulah macamana nak dapat pergi haji. Sebab hubby tak nak pergi.

And then turn of event, hubby nak pergi. And they begin their preparation.

And still she cries of the thought of seeing the kaabah with her own eyes. And the thoughts of hajj itself. Fauziah Nawi memang terer part ni. Masya Allah.

That crying, I didn't get it before. What's with all the cries?

But now, it's a different story. Praises to the One who changes the heart. Praises are all to Allah!

Siapa tau tajuk cerita tu?

May Allah make it easy for brother Ray.


MULAN said...

thanx for sharing though tak sempat tengok semua nya lagi..


أم الليث said...

du'akan our turn will come soon! nak share the tears2 tu jugak hehehe