Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Ayah's Armpit

"I think ayah's armpit smell really nice," said Haziq.

Really? When did you smell ayah's armpit.

In the morning when I brushed my teeth, and ayah stood next to me putting on his lense.

Hahahahha.. itu pun boleh bau ka? I told him, it will probably be the smell you'd remember most. Bau ketiwak ayah.

But well.. I couldn't agree more.


Hansac said...

I used to miss my late father's smell. I was 9 when he died. 30 years later, I realized I don't remember his smell anymore. My mother used to smell so fresh after her shower. But she is old now, nearing 80, she no longer smell like she used to 30 years back.

I miss my parents.

butterflutter said...

tee..hee..heee...ngam2 je bab ketinggian tu ek :-)

Lollies said...

hansac - sedihlah pulak saya. i don't rememer my mum's smell either. nor my dad's. the only smell i remember about my mum was the hospital disinfectant smell mixed with my mum's gangrene and ubat smell. you know there are certain time taht we come across a whiff of smell that reminds us of past events? sometimes i do get transported backs into my childhood days.

bf - memang pun. he is also taller than me now. :D

zan said...

haaa haziq is taller than you now? ini gerenti ikut gene ayah dia :)

if i smell minyak atar, it will definitely reminds me of my bapak..hemmm harummm..

kalau mak saya, bau makanan kottt hehehe...

Anonymous said...

bau kentut?

Peri PiA said...

my hubby bau dia pon nice hehe