Friday, April 09, 2010

Sya is now nine

When I finally put the age down like this, it began to dawn on me that she is really getting bigger. Let us enjoy the pre anak dara phase for now.

She still has a slight tantrum (ikut ayah dia) but not as much as when she is young.

Sya Bad Mood when she is three. hahahhaha!

And she still like to play teacher. And when you cannot find Jack and Sya, you may find them in their room with Sya standing in front of the white board equipped with a marker pen and Jack on the little table and chair diligently copying notes. She gives worksheets and exams too.

Sya has upgraded also to giving a project to her brother to write things that IBU must do! Which includes reading to them every night minimal two books.

Sya still want to be like me and now even look like me. She may be found pinching my hijab. She said to me the other day, "You know why I want to wear the hijab? because I want to look like you."

Hmm, what did they say, imitation is the best form of flattery? I am flattered however, that shouldn't be the right reason to wear. Not because of me. Because of ...? You answer me..

I also added, if you want to follow me, make the reason be for Allah. And follow me as long as I am obeying Allah. If you find me not obeying Him anymore, do not follow my ways, save me.

I am actually a bit hesitant when she started wanting to wear the hijab. But because she is young and eager to learn and not wanting to send the wrong message, I just let her be. Why was I hesitant? Because I am afraid she might get bored and when the time comes that she should wear, she shunned it. I felt that she should enjoy her youth. She was only eight then.

But after sometime, it looks strange when she is not wearing it. And I must say she is more persistent than I am on herself. And also I have seen how difficult for a girl to HAVE to wear it when her menses comes in unexpectedly, like when they are nine.And the parents (whom the mum wears a hijab) had to give in atas nama tak mau memaksa.

I suppose, hijab should be treated the same like the command Rasululah salallahu alaihi wasalam told us to start teaching prayers to our children at seven and hit them when they are ten. It will, Insya Allah make it easier for them and would make them feel "naked" when they are not wearing it.

So I guide her what is the correct way to wear, Insya Allah. So I want to change my niyah altogether. may Alah give her istiqomah and guide her to become a muslimah who is righteous. May that be a reward for me in the Hereafter.

I am thankful to Allah who woke me up when I realise that she cannot read the Fatihah when she was five. It was a matter to me because I know Haziq can (and many of your children too). haziq can because he went to school in Malaysia where I had the support of someone else teaching him to memorise the short surah and also the prayers.

Now at 9 she has progressed quite well. Nothing to be shouted about for I am sure everyone else is better. But I am taking it at a relaxed phase and throwing in challenges here and there. And she has has improved in her memory retention and attention skill. All praises goes to Allah.

Sya is sometimes quite strict on me. Alahai. May she be istiqomah.

I took this picture yesterday. We had some makan-makan. I am happy they are very playful with each other walaupun sangatlah bisingnya. All of them talk to me at the same time. Sya is using my shades.


As usual

She is five
She is six
She is seven
She is eight


butterflutter said...

'Happy Birthday' to Sya. Semoga diberkati Allah selalu.

Comel la gambar 3 org tu ;-)

*Pagi tadi baru je cakap pasal pakai tudung dgn Sarah.

mama pasha said...

happy birthday sya.. tambah cantik dgn hijab nya.. ;)

Peri PiA said...

Selamat Ulang Tahun Sya,rasenya dah baru je wish besday Sya thn lps.Sya makin ctk

Lollies said...

BF - May our daughters be righteous mulimahs ek? And we too. he he

diah - :)

ruby - setahun sekali aje. :D

up on my forehead said...

selamat ulang tahun sya!!!

they all look sweet :)

miss them!


أم الليث said...

such a big girl now, sya.

Alhamdulillah you should be flattered that she is imitating you in things that are good. Coz it means that you are setting a good example. it's like a mirror of yourself.

good to remind them to do it for Allah but it's ok for them to do it to please you as well. pleasing one's parents is a very significant good deed.

well done Lollies. Alhamdulillah may our efforts pay off in this dunya and the akhirah

Lollies said...

nonah - they are noisier than ever now. :D

aliya - thank you so much for the encouragement. truth to be told i am he he very flattered. but more importantly I am sangat2 bersyukur and am thankful that a point of my life has changed.

I pray that all good things will rub on them (and if only they can ignore my bads). Ameen to your dua'. And May Allah send equal hasanat to my friends who are here to advise and encourage me.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Atok ucapkan untuk cucu Atok semoga sihat selalu

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to sya.


imitating lollies eh? aiyohh..


famyGirl said...

Happy Birthday dear Sya. :) Sya turning 9 just reminds me that Sofea will be turning 9 soon too hee hee. Oh boy! Dah besar anak dara kita. Ibu (i.e. me) pun needs to 'grow up' in soo many areas too.

Good job bringing up the Lollies. I hope to learn from you... :D

famyGirl said...

eh eh eh I meant to type Good job bringing up THE KIDS Lollies :)

tulah type laju sgt (actually nak cepat2 type before Nuaym bangun mintak susu!)

zan said...

Happy belated birthday Sya... I think you have done so much great things for the kidsn alhamdulillah you can see the outcome bit by bit :)

Cute betui gambar d kiddos!

MULAN said...

happy belated birthday darling sya..!! stay sweet & chomel.. geram, geram..

BabyBooned said...

oh i love the picture of her in a temper when she was three tu

happy belated bday to sya :)

Lollies said...

ayah - ameeen. tima kacih

screw - pergh bagus tu! :P

famy - let s learn from each oter. sama-sama kita nurture anak2 kita for the nexy generation of quality muslimins and muslimat

zan - masih belajar dan terus lagi belajar

mulan - waah jangan geram geram

babybooned - hehe me too. garang sokmo masa tu