Sunday, April 18, 2010

School Two week Break Done

I didn't go anywhere this school holiday but faithfully stayed in D0ha. But was quite busy nevertheless.

Over the weekends we went to both the dunes - The singing one and the inland sea. This time round we went only with the Faths. We were also entertaining Mrs Faths relatives who came over all the way from Hong Kong. They are Mrs Fath's mum : Po Po (Po Po means grandma in Cantonese. I call her Po Po because everyone calls her Po Po). And then there is Mrs Fath's aunty : Yi Po (which means nenek sedara). And also Mrs. Fath's two sisters who do not have any nickname in Cantonese. They are Dorothy and Aries.

And then there is another lady. She is from China. Her name is Khadijah. She is a revert, masya Allah. She only speaks mandarin. And the only one who can speak to all of us at the same time is Mrs Fath who can speak english, malay, cantonese and mandarin.

They don't speak much english except for the two sisters. So most of the time I am surrounded by cantonese speaking people. Even Mr Fath and her eldest speak cantonese siap dengan slang yang sama sejibik macam dalam cerita Hong Kong.

I learned a few words. Or rather I already know these words butI perfected the way it is pronounced.

Sek Fan ah Sek Fan ah. Makan ah makan ah. but more of eating rice particularly. Fan is rice.
Pai Tee ahhhh. Cepat ahhhhh
Hoiyeh!! Good!!
Hoy Sem Happy
Emmm Koy. Thank you in general
Toh Xie. Thank you when people give you a gift
Leng Loi
Leng Chan

I felt like I am in a cantonese mini series.

So I went with them for some sek fan and hoy sem time and took them to the dunes for more hoy sem time.

Funnily, apparently over at the Faths family they are crazy about watching hindustani movie. Hahahhahaha! And they are all about Kotch Kotch Kota hey. And Loi Loi (Fath's littlest) kept singing that tumpah seair song in the car all the way to the dune and back.

Meanwhile I glued myself watching Andy Lau in Guli Guli mahjong (Mahjong warrior)or the official name is Fat Choy Spirit.

And while my new friends from Hong Kong are busy perfecting their Rahul poses for pictures at the dune, I am thinking whether I can remember all the chinese characters on the mahjong tiles.

Sek Woo ahhhh!



أم الليث said...

ooo the Faths are chinese ke?
hehe main!!

Peri PiA said...

layan hindustan :D

Lollies said...

aliya - mr fath is malay. mrs fath is chinese from hong kong. MAsya Allah she can speak malay and cook nasi dagang also. Yalah Mr Fath orang ganu. :D

ruby - ini antara peminat setia lah ni. :D

Lollies said...

lupa nak cakap mah jong is a very intriguing game. and it tests your memory skill, your alertness and speed all and strategy skill all at the same time.

zan said...

i grew up with cantonese speaking friends and heheh i still remember those words :) hooked up giler dgn 6pm HK dramas and can even understand w/o looking at the subs but never get the chance to muster mahjong...kawan2 saya tak nak ajar..ciss..

masdiana said...

hahaha.. muhibbah sungguh! btw do you know when are they (mrs fath's relatives) going? am thinking of dropping by sometime - maybe tomorrow.

Lollies said...

zan - hoyeh! hoyeh! the way to say it mesti ada style. baru jadi macam cakap cantonese ek?

The game is very interesting. tapi i tak leh ngajar gak. sebab after sometime i lupa balik the character and even the rule. he eh

diana - kalau tak salah i most of them balik this thursday except po po. you nak turun sini eh? kalau sempat i join. i kena gi klinik gigi esok.

"MULAN" said...

hoy sem.. hoy sem.. hoi yeh..!!

Martin Cooper said...

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