Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ketawa Ketawa Ketawa

Like most typical house contract, we are told that in the case we do not wish to renew the housing agreement, we must send a notice of evacuation two months before the contract expire. Having failed that, it can be assumed that you would like to continue residing, and you also have to agree with whatever rental increment they want to impose. You can also breach this part but be ready to forfeit your one month rental deposit.

Anyway, in the view of this, we, who were from the start very adamant to want to move out from this house, has sent out notice of evacuation way before the two months date. We didn't have any potential house just yet back then, but our semangat berkobar-kobar mengatasi segalanya.

And when we have finally signed a new contract, we, the proud tenant of the house-to-be, dengan bangganya announced the date that we should be moving i.e. 20th may 2010. Which of course as you know, we later had to swallow our pride and asked the landlord to allow us to stay a little bit more.

Qadr Allah, my neighbour who lives above me, suddenly announced that they are moving to Saudi. And now they are gone. Poof! And my neighbour who lives behind me, hearing that we are planning to go, quickly find himself a house and will be moving tommorrow! Poof!

Suddenly, we found ourselves, yang semangat berkobar-kobar nak get out of this house and cannot stand living here anymore are still here. And no sign of moving this weekend either.


But remember this people. I am happy today tau.


Peri PiA said...

great to hear that ur happy :),Alhamdulillah

p/s-mcm kiteorg la,nak pindah ni tapi tak jadi pindah2 lagi nih..lawak2

Lollies said...

ruby - awak nak pindah mana tu? and apasal tak jadi-jadi?

Peri PiA said...

masih dlm waiting list gomen,hehe

nak pindah dekat dgn our workplace

أم الليث said...

laaaa hahaha
so unit you dah kosong la?? lawaknya..korang yg first2 nak the end korang masih lagi kat situ kihkih

inshaAllah ada la hikmahnya tuu
lagi pun flattered tu your neighbours takmo duk situ dah if you were gone

Lollies said...

ruby - ohhh. now ruby tinggal dgn mak itam ke?

aliya - tulah. hahahahha. punyalah semangat berkobar2.

neighbour yg atas ni mmg dah nak move somewhere i rasa. i think qtar is not working well for them.

tapi neighbour i yg belakang ni, he he flatteredlah jugak. cuma he has been quite handy. computer i rosak dia yg repair. Free lak tu. even kereta rosak, kawan2 dia ho happen to be a ford mechanic datang rumah and repair. yang ni tak free. tapi rumah dah pindah pun boleh gak call dia still.

but more both the him and my husband are among the seniors here. and mereka ada kenangan istemewa mengorek lubang sewage yg tersumbat, yang melimpah (Anak elisa jatuh kat the river of sewage when they came to our house) dan pelbagai lagi masalah lain. i suppose they had good memories together. HAHAHAHAHHAAH

Peri PiA said...

x lah,dudok nearby jer

dulu keje kat shah alam,sebab tu kite org pilih dudok dekat2 dgn umi,tengah2 senang 2 2 nak pg kerja

sekarang kite pon dah dpt keje kl

أم الليث said...

oo derang pindah around qtar area jugak la? that's not so bad..bleh still keep in touch kan.

euwwww tu ke yg kak lisa citer pasal izani jatuh dlm sewage tu??? grosss!!! bleckkk rasa nak muntah kalau imagine