Thursday, June 17, 2010

Saat Yang Di Tunggu

Insya Allah we are moving house tomorrow. We are already in the midst of moving and slowly sending small things there. The house is not 100% ready but liveable. Some maintenance issue.

So I will be off the internet for a bit. Will get back as soon as I get connected.

Meanwhile I paste here a nasyid with an excerpt of an excellent lecture that has never failed to touch my heart.

You can listen to the full lecture by Anw@r Awl@ki, entitled, "25 promises from Allah to the Believers", HERE. I dedicate this lecture to rotidua because she once quoted a hadith of the man who killed a hundred. Masya Allah. tabarakallah. May Allah bestow all of us with the understanding of His Ilm. The hadith was also mentioned in this lecture. Rotidua memang terer.

Meanwhile I part with this hadith, "I leave you in the care of Allah, Who nothing that in His care is lost." (Sahih Ibn majah. The traveler's invocation for the one he leaves behind)


Peri PiA said...

selamat berpindah k.lollies

thanks for the hadis

YATI said...
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YATI said...

Hi Lollies@Rozi.

Know me? I'm use to call you Rozi.

So how's life. Wish you Happiness & hope you like the new house.

keep in touch & send my regards to all


Lollies said...

ruby - thanks ruby. The hadith is one of the most beautiful hadith I know among many others.

yati@ati - Thank you for the kind wishes. I hope to like the new house too. If you are whom I think you are, I thought you used to call me differently. At least from my faint memory. Tapi jangan di sebut nama itu di sini. LOL. :P Welcome to the blog.

zan said...

selamat berpindah and take it easy, jgn stress2 (your new house is huge).

hope to see u soon!!

famygirl said...

selamat berpindah darling... semoga dipermudahkan all moving-related urusan(s).

ditto zan... your new house *is* huge!!!

Zaitul said...

selamat berpindah...semoga semua selamat =)

Anonymous said...

ala la tak yah la beria2 cakap aku terer kat sini. Alang-alang nak cakap, baik cakap kat fb terus. ahahah.

Selamat berpindah randah. New chapter aye.