Monday, June 07, 2010

Zachary is Six


Laaa dah besar dah baby ibu.

jackJack is not feeling well today. he has ulcer in his mouth and a bit of runny nose. And everybody fusses over him. Sungguh terasa sedih when he doesn't want to eat much. And he doesn't smile much. It's like the world has lost its colours. And yang paling over is Sya. She is such a big mama over Jack. Goodness!

And at other times, whenever Jack makes a cute face. The kids will fuss over him. Awwww.

Or when he makes baby voice. the kids will fuss over him. Awwww.

Overnya. Ibu dia relax aje.

And when he wants to get me, he would make a cat face and a squeaky baby's voice and iterate the latest dua that he had memorised.

Awwwww. Eh ibu dia relax aje. Tak cair pun.

So there you go, jack is still the baby of the house. And he still cries in kesedihan when I raise my voice to him. But lesser than last year.

He is still very thin.

He likes to hog the computer which makes me really angry. He can play the runescape game non stop. And his partner in crime is haziqwho is playing with him at the other end of the network. So I have to come up with activities to make him stay off that. Yes I can pull off the WIFI. And I have in several occasions. But in most occasions I had to do my thing there you go.

His memorisation is doing good when he wants to pay attention. Gertak aje sikit nangis. Bleargh. He has memorised up to Al Adiyat. Not that much but moving Insya Allah.

He seems to like maths too. But in relative to the rest of them he is not as dilligent. And I am finding myself with less and less time to pay attention to their work particularly jack's. Hoping to catch up during the school holidays.

He knows his cue that I want kisses and hugs from him and he obliges much. *muahs* Sampai bila gamaknya dia nak kena kiss and hug?

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Peri PiA said...

dah besar ;),happy birthday jack2

anak manje ye,still nangis2 lagi

Anonymous said...

o lo lo...

he's 6? already? *sigh* they grow up so fast.

Lollies said...

ruby - manja amatlah tu. dah soma asik gomol dia aje.

rotidua - too quick kan? I have his update since he is one year old.

Schalfyzcha said...

Kak Lollies, adik bongsu saya (lelaki, 14 tahun) masih cium, peluk mak sampai mak naik lemas tiap kali pulang daripada asrama.. manja yang amat.. abang2 dia selalu jeles n said "ingat tu mak kamu sorang ke.." hahah!

Lollies said...

sya - ya ka? waaahh wonder jack ni sampai bila gamaknya. you have a happy family. :)

Zainudin said...

Happy Birthday Jack,diam tak diam dah besar cucu Atokdan Atok pun makin tua.Semoga Jack adik beradik sihat selalu.Ini doa Atok untuk cucu2 Atok.

elisataufik said...

eh tadi I tak log on, still boleh masuk and read this post. Sudah public semula kah?



Bila nak datang rumah auntie?
ha ha ha

eh gosh, dah 6 yrs old, kan? goshhh...

butterflutter said...

Happy Birthday Jack2.

Anak bongsu boleh peluk2 sampai besar. Kat rumah ni yg sulung pun masih peluk2 kengkadang rimas dibuatnya.

mosh said...

on top of jack2 being 6 years old, you've kept the discipline of having entry every year eh? good on you. which also means that you've been blogging for more than 6 years!

happy birthday jack2!

Lollies said...

ayah - wehei ayah. tahun lepas ayah comment benda yang sama. keh keh keh. but why you don't look older than 40 (still kena letak umur tua dari saya suapaya ayah tak perasan sangat :P)

elisa - sekarang soma dah public. exposed! sapa nak sindir ke apa ke aku tak pedulik! hahahah! syyyyy jangan kasi tau orang tau.

dah besar dah kan? really so cepat.

BF - haziq jarang peluk2. i hugged him sometimes when he did something exceptionally good. or sometimes he would kiss me. but not as much as jack where i still tickle his tummy.

mosh - waahh saya sangat berdedikasi.

rozi hamsawi said...

selagi he is the youngest, selagi tu you will tickle his tummy! ha.. ha.. my 2nd child sampai he's 6, i was forever kissing him. then dpt no 3, the hugs and kisses berkurang sikit cos no 3 took over! :)

lollies said...

rozi - So boleh fahamlah kan ni? heheheh