Monday, August 16, 2010

What My Mother Taught Me

Sometime ago, I think it was during the Malaysia's mother's day Ummikusayang dot come launched a competition for any of the members of ummikusayang to do a write up about "what your mother taught you". I didn't participate because I am slow that way. I did read many of the write ups. Many of them wrote about how their mother was their influence on their excellent culinary skill.

This bring shame to me. My mother was a great cook. She also used her talent for the extra pocket money. When I was young, i had to follow her send her kuehs to kedai kopi. She made excellent kueh. But did I learn any? Noooo. To much shame.

I taught about this for sometime until the competition finished. Hahahahha.

Until recently I was reminded again. I think I know the answer now. My mother was the one who taught me to read the Quran. She always spend her time on the floor and me with a muqaddam on the rehal doing the alif ba ta and later on continued to read. Until i was confident enough to read the quran then only she sent me to some ustazahs.

I grew up thinking,this is what mothers do. Mothers are the one who teach their children the early reading of the quran. There is no other way to it. So that was it!

I knew I will grow up becoming an executive and drive an Audi and play tennis and I know I want children of my own and I will make sure I will take the full gear responsibility to teach my children to read the holy book.

But not the masak kueh and jahit-jahit part though. despite growing up seeing my mothers do it, I don't feel that it is a mother's job. Maybe because she did that for our living. I kan nak jadi executive bawak Audi. :P (sekarang menyesal dan kueh tak ada bubur nasi pun tak ada)

But now, looking around me, i see all mothers send their kids to a better teacher, a better sheikh. I am sure their kids reading are much better than mine. Not to mention faster too. So I am not sure whether I am actually doing the right thing.

But then when I think of my mum, I always make dua' that Allah multiply her hasanat and the good ilm that she taught me (and the other children she taught)and that the quran will be her defender in yaumul akhirah. When i read the quran I ask Allah, to double triple quadraple the hasanat of me reading to her.

And I feel that I want these from my children too.

We talked about this, Haziq and I. That how much i need dua' from him (and the other two copetot). I may not be able to fulfill this hadith,

Narrated by Uthman, "The best of you is the one who learns the quran and teach others."

I may not be able to teach others but at least I have my children, Insya Allah.

And if we cannot teach, do not despair, because our effort and encouragement in ensuring our children are learning the quran counts big time!

I ask Allah to guide me to do the right thing to nurture them in becoming the best of mu'meen.


abi said...

indeed a very useful knowledge and all the more important than making kueh know how.

Zaitul said...

my mom tk ajar pun i mengaji but she sent me to a very good ustaz and Alhamdulillah...i can mengaji. so i guess yeah...its the effort and encouragement that counts ...i hope when the time comes i will be able to teach my kids to mengaji Insya Allah...ameen.

Anonymous said...

LIke Zaitul, my mak hantar kitorg adik beradik ngaji dengan Atuk, dekat surau tepi lombong where Tesco Ampang is located now. hihihi

Will it make you feel better if I tell you I have no idea how to make Mak's asam pedas? Pastu .. err aku tak pandai menjahit despite mak amik upah menjahit dulu2.

Tapi aku pandai masukkan benang kat jarum!

butterflutter said...

My dear Lollies,

My mom until now ambik upah jahit baju tapi I langsung tak pernah guna mesin jahit. Setakat boleh jahit tangan je la.

I learn al quran dengan my mak long. The best is always we do it ourself. Lebih puas rasanya. The least we can do is to send them to someone who can teach.

Btw, thank you on the doa from anak2. Must encourage this at home.

Anonymous said...

Hahahah. I remember the potong cauliflower incident.


famygirl said...

I know I am not qualified to teach my kids, apalagi others. So I serahkan the tanggungjawab to the ustaz/ustazahs at the KAFA instead (takpe ke??) but I do encourage the kids (i.e. Sofea je for now sebab Aidiin is still not able to read independently) to recite the holy book at home. As a matter of fact, Sofea's knowledge on the tajwid and whatnot exceeds mine.

Madame Lollies, you're such an inspiration. You make me want to do so many things although at the mo belum mampu... someday, insyaAllah. :)

Lollies said...

abi - tapi kalau dapat buat kueh pelita hari ni best gak. *teringat kueh pelita ibu yang sangat sedap. Oh well, balik msia boleh beli.

zaitul - and because she actually sends you shows her niyah of wanting quran to be in your heart. Insya Allah all the hasanat goes to the ustaz and also your mum without any decrease to you whenever you read and practise the quran. Allah is merciful. :D

rotidua - wehei samalah. aku pun pandai masukkan benang kat jarum. and so far masih boleh (maknanya belum rabun lagi). hehehe

Lollies said...

BF - and i must mintak advise on how you make the kids plan their life. I heard you are good at it masya Allah. boleh share?

hansac - Cis! Ada gak yang ingat tu! hahahahhaha

Famy - Masya Allah famy. you are already making them learn the quran. May our children grow up righteous.

Masya Allah Sofea is already tegurring you jugakke? He he we must be happy for them.

butterflutter said...

what do you mean by 'plan their life'? Eish...takut pulak

Lollies said...

bf - he he jangan takut. i remembered you blogged about was it how he sees himself in 5 years time or was it financial planning. i tak ingat which one.

Dills said...

Alhamdulillah so far i dah berjaya ajar Aidil 8 surahs from Juz Amma. Cuma Ustaz Fuad betulkan Tajweednya. Puas sebenarnya ajar anak sendiri. Cuma i pun kena ngaji at home with Ustazah and betulkan my tajweed so thats whylah still kena ada Ustaz to teach Aidil. (dah maknya tak berapa pandai lagi. Skit skit bole laa) Tak apa lah pelan pelan merangkak... insyaallah may allah made it easy for me.

Anonymous said...

audi? why audi? hehe

shidah said...

amin to your duas, tak silap ada hadith sahih yang mengatakan jika seseorang itu mati maka putuslah amalnya kecuali 3, amal jariah (sedekah), doa anak shalih, ilmu yang bermanfaat.

I too want the same from my children, but ashamed looking at the effort I put in :(

zan said...

hahaha main tennis..nasib baik tak main golf :) ramai rupanya yg tak inherit the knowledge and skills from their mothers..sama laa kita..mak tukang jahit, anak tak pandai menggunting hahaha..jahit jer boleh...sekarang nie pun mengada2, dah duk rumah, masih suruh mak jahit baju :p

thanks for the reminder of asking your kids to make du'a for us.

Lollies said...

dills - Ameen. When we ask Allah something concerning the deen Allah will almost immediately give and give and give and give, insya Allah. You are going there dillas. very soon.

screw - hahahah! when i was young i read an article pasal exceutive. kat artikel tu ada gambar kereta audi and gambar dia orang main tennis. tu lah aku selalu ingat kalau jadi executive kena pakai audi and main tennis. hahahahaa.

up till now i stopped at executive aje. but no audi and i really cannot play tennis.

shidah - indeed you are right. the hadith is my heart tamer. I know there are always something i can do for my mom. Alhamdulillah. Allah is most merciful.

shidah i am sure you doing wonderful. Let's strive for it.

zan - sebab masa i kecik2 golf tak femes sangat so tak termasuk dalam cita2.

tak sangka pulak cerita pasal discussion with haziq ni boleh kasi benefit. so here i am reminding myself again jugak.