Monday, August 30, 2010


Is it ok for me to say that I am shock coming back to Malaysia to see that most of the common masses ladies' garments and tudungs have become shorter and smaller? People have traded the longer (but jarang) tudung bawal to a teballer but short and small tudung lycra. Even the older people don this shorties and smallies.

May Allah make it easy for us to understand the deen better.

I love the "Tudung syria" that they have now. Prticularly if it is plain coupled with two-toned inner. But it is nice only for Sya because of the length. The lady who was selling it to me was telling me that it is long and it covers the front. And I looked at her full exposed chest (since she is wearing a super tight shirt). And it does cover her chest. But not the bosom. On Sya, it looks fine. Well not according to Sya though. She prefers the easy to sarung tudung. I think she hates the inner cengkaming her head.

When I was in UK, due to my size, sometimes I had to find clothes at the teens' store. The teenage clothes usually are for people of my size (saiz zaman 90an dulu). Now even the adult clothes do not fit me. And that is not just because i have tripled in size. It is also because the clothes have shrunk. The young adult clothes now fit a 9 year old girl. So I bought one nice shirt yesterday for Sya, at the young adult section. It fits her nice and loosely and goes down to her knees. It would look like sarung nangka on me. Not that I look like a nangka though.

But I have not been to KL yet. Or should I expect worse?

It is already the last ten days of Ramdhan. :(

Coming back to malaysia during Ramadhan is hard for me. I am challenged by my surroundings greatly.

All this coupled with own evil nafs.

I ask Allah to guide all those that we loved to the straight path. May Allah help us.


Peri PiA said...

i love tudung syria too,yea it short

i bought some tudung awning that cover chest already ;)

yea,las ten ramadhan :(

r u ok,k.lollies?

famygirl said...

nafsu nak makan ke, nak shopping? :)

Ameen to your doa.

Anonymous said...

you noticed huh? that is correct. sorry to say, nowadays, tudung has fall into fashion accessories category. that is why you see more people wearing tudung, just like people wearing ring, earing or bracelet. and it is true what Nabi Muhammad SAW said, berpakaian tetapi telanjang. there is fabric on the skin, and it is just that.

zan said...

nafsu nafsi apa tu cik kak? fesyen tudung sekarang mmg mcm2 ada, nasib baik i tak tergoda coz i simply tak reti hehehe..

Schalfyzcha said...

Kak Lollies dah balik Malaysia ya? Teringin nak jumpa :).

rad said...

Yup, I'm guilty of that too. Masa beli tu terbayang cantik bila dipakai ala macam model/artis yag pakai tu tapi bila ukur baju di badan sendiri....It took an old friend (and also a prof yg alim) from my previous place of study to notice the different & brave enough to mention the shorter length.

So, this raya, I'll most probably buy the bawal tudungs since yg lycra etc tu walaupun labuh tapi melekap ke dada huhuhu

Lollies said...

ruby - understandably height challenged girls like us nampak even more height challenged with longer tudung. eh betul ke ni? actually i tak tau pun. someone just pointed that out to me the reason why her tudung is short. then we ask ourselves, how would Allah view us then?

I am fine Ruby. Thanks

famy - hahahah. semua itu dan lebih lagi.

kasihanak - i have been thinking. i think lack of true understanding causes this. what we all need also the fear of Allah. The true fear and knowing what pleases and what does not.

I am also thinking this is a phase and some of them are on the way to get better. Insya Allah.

I nak start dengan diri endiri dulu dan yang terdekat dengan saya dululah insya Allah.

Lollies said...

zan - i tau you banyak terjebak dengan sri munawarrah. their length memang paling sesuai. at least i lah. hehehhe

sya - macamana tu agaknya ya?

rad - Masya llah to your friend. I was reading sometime ago that a true friend will always ask you to do good and forbid you from evil. Cuma selalunya kalau kita kena tegur (being forbid from evil) kita jadi menyampah dengan orang tu. strictlah. tak tactlah. It is difficult to do. So ALhamdulillah you have a friend like that. And Masya Allah to you too who can take with an open heart.

I masih lagi takut/ tak pandai to tegur orang. This is selemah2 iman. :(

Schalfyzcha said...

Macam mana? Kak Lollies balik ke sana nanti dari KLIA kan? Jumpa kat situ pun ok. Bagitahulah bila flight and if u dont mind, pass lah ur phone number to me : Serius, sangat nak jumpa since i've been reading ur blog (xanga to blogspot) since 2005 n reli wanna see you live :P

abi said...

insyaAllah. semoga benar-benar menuju kepada yang lebih baik.

Anonymous said...

Kenapa macam dah lama tak comment kat sini?

Najwa pun tak suka pakai tudung Syria. Ko pernah try? serious mencengkam kat belakang telinga. Tapi aku rasa budak2 cute kalau pakai syria nampak kepala diorg cantik je. hihih

Kat KL (jalan TAR) dah ada banyak tudung half awning for girls. Cute colours too. Najwa serunut la senang nak pakai, sarung je. Sya would love the tudungs too. :)

"MULAN" said...

selamat pulang bercuti & beraya...!!

YATI said...

alhamdulillah. hope everyone is ok.
Sempena Aidil Fitri x lama lagi, mohon maaf atas salah & silap , Maaf zahir & batin

Enjoy your Raya holiday.
Kalau balik kluang, singgahlah rumah

Dills said...

Tapi dada saya kecik molek je...soo boleh laaa tudung syriaaaaaaaa. :)

Selamat Hari Raya to you and family...

elisataufik said...

exactly why I decided to sew my own tudungs. I found most tudungs yang jual kat kedai are a bit short and since I am erm.. "well endowed", I am a bit malu and concious. Kalau jahit sendiri boleh lah buat seberapa labuh yang kita nak ;)

Lollies said...

actually size dada bukan factornya disni. because when the ayat to cover our bosom it did not say nor it is translated as the size of dada. May Allah give us the understanding of the deen.

elisa - I love your tudung. It's all labuh for me. Yayy