Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Zachary First Time Fasting

Zachary got influenced to fast more because his brother and sister kept urging him to do so.

So he fast today.

Or rather he agreed to it.

He had his sohoor at 9 in the morning, 6 hours after everyone else.

Then he went through the day not eating anything.

But half an hour before iftar, he took a sip of the cincau drink and said, hmm sedap.

Haziq found out about this and kept nagging him. Really I don't have to nag much nowadays, I can give it to the "knowledgeable" siblings to do it for me.

Jack was a bit upset and probably embarrassed or guilty or the combination of both. But I didn't mind actually. He is six. I know many six year olds are doing much better. But it's ok. In my books wanting to try is good enough. At ten years old however, deserve a smack on the butt from me.

Then come iftar time, we went on some dates and water and the men of the house prepared to leave to the masjid. I didn't put any food on the table except these, because everyone would be incline to take this hadith instead,LOL.

Narrated by ‘Aisha:

The Prophet said, “If supper is served, and Iqama is pronounced one should start with the supper.”

Bukhari : Volume 1 : Book 11 : Hadith 640

But jack still insisted he is hungry. Ibu rasa kasihan and gave him one baked potato and he savour it to the last drop and went to the masjid in the end. Masya Allah!

Actually if he insisted to not go, I'd probably allow just because...

I am writing this to show this write up to him one day. Perhaps we could have a good laugh.


butterflutter said...

Kenangan anak2 di bulan Ramadhan.

I think most ppl remember the first time they fast if not pun any incident masa kecik2 dulu. I think I need to write an entry since this year I think I am more ready for Ramadhan.

Lollies said...


i tak ingat apa pun about my own first day of fasting except that i started fasting when i was nine. and i remembered eating mangoes masa time balik sekolah sebab tak tahan tengok mangga depan rumah kat pokok.

I am happy to hear about you being ready for ramadhan. it is just beautiful, masya Allah. May Allah accept our ibadah.

أم الليث said...

i don't remember at all fasting during childhood. anyways, seronok baca cerita budak2 puasa from you guys. layth is still too small to perceive these things. and our unstable life doesn't allow for rituals e.g. eat sahur/iftar together. how to even make an iftar a big deal when we don't even have meals together because of different shifts! hehehe
looking forward to when layth is old enough to start understanding ramadhan/fasting

Lollies said...

I am looking forward to reading about layth when his time come too!

You guys still on different shifts ya? itu pun pengalaman yg invaluable gak tu. nanti story mory lah

zan said...

cutenya jack...reminds me of Nael too :) at 6 yrs old, bangun sahur tak pernah miss tapi asal pukul 6 jer, dia dah nak minum and i didn't stop him coz kesian..i think it's still ok of that age tak puasa..puasa yang yuk is so ok with me :)

Lollies said...

zan - dia batuk tau semalam. and sikit selsema. so i kasilah ubat. i kasi dia minum air kosong and something simple to alas perut. tapi yg lain puasa ya.

he didnt buy it, terus makan segala yang best-best. hahahaah.