Saturday, December 18, 2010

Adik Beradik

Haziq shares the room with Jack while Sya sleeps on her own. That's the plan.

But sometimes jack is found in Sya's room. Sometime Sya is found bunking in with her brothers. And sometime to the annoyance of haziq, he sleeps in Sya's while the other two cramped in Jack's small bed.

But now they have a plan and both of them told little jack to sleep with me instead. So they could have privacy in their rooms.

I don't mind Jack sleeping with me. I do miss his presence. Lover is annoyed though. But still say yes and send him to our bed when Jack ask for his permission.

And this was tonight. Each of them told jack to sleep with me. Of course I told the two of them off for sending jack out of their rooms.

Anyway, before he sleeps, I read with him the story of habil and Qabil. A simple one with pictures to colour. And when come the part that Habil got killed, Jack began to look sad.

And when we finish it with Habil being buried, he cried.

I was not expecting that.

I hugged him and reminded him that he has brother and sister who loved him.

Ooooppss I forgot, the two just send him out of their rooms.

Haziq was already feeling guilty when I told him off earlier. And when I called the two of them, and when they saw him, they hugged him and treat him like a baby until a smile came back to his face.

Then Haziq accussed me of purposely chose this story tonight.

Later I told Jack that Allah tells us stories in the quran for us to take lessons from. I cried, I told Jack, to many stories because of the lessons that I derived from some of them. Understandably that you cried in this one. Allah wants you to take lesson from this story. jealousy. Siblings rivalry. Fear of Allah. I didn't use these big words though.

I ask Allah that my children will continue to love each other for the sake of Allah even without my presence. May they live their life in taqwa.


Peri PiA said...

salam kak lollies

mesti kak lollies bace dgn penuh penghyatan kan :)

good bed time story

butterflutter said...

Can't thank you enough for sharing this. I am going to do the same at home.