Sunday, December 19, 2010

Winter Break

The school will be off for two weeks by this Tuesday. I will be taking a break too.

We will be going to Dubai this Tuesday to visit so many blogger friends there, Insya Allah. Will be driving and staying over at Elisa's from the defunct Hoping to meet Ruby from maknenek blogspot. Thetha from anamcarathots blogspot, blabs from blabarella blogspot and of course nazrah from nazrahayu blogspot. All of the blogs are defunct or almost defunct. hahahhahaha. But the person are functioning extremely well!

So I am staying until Wednesday and then will be flying off somewhere else. he he. We will, insya Allah fly off to Iran. :D.

So this is the plan and as usual I will put a map.

So like I said, I will be flying to Tehran from Dubai, Insya Allah. Immediately the next day we will drive to the north and our stop will be in Dizin - ski resort. Main snow and perasan boleh ski walhalnya tak boleh. I am still praying the snow is good enough.

We will overnight there. And the next morning will travel further north driving along the Caspian sea and stopping at wherever that is worth to stop. Which is plentiful.

And the next day we will travel even further north to visit and stay at the village of masouleh famous for their charming village by the hill.

Will then go to Zanjan and visit Sultaniyeh and its famous 'washing room."

If Allah permits, we will then move even further to the North to the town tabriz. and Insya Allah to visit its Bazaar and other things. But my main highlight will be the village of kandovan, the kapadokkya of Iran.

We will then fly to Esfahan, the jewel of Iran. This is my lover's main interest.

We will end the Iran trip back In tehran and visit their famous museums Insya Allah before flying back to Dubai and spend sometime with good friends over there.

We hope to see some of the beautiful sceneries there and even more.

We ask Allah to protect us during the journey and the journey will enrich our experience and will only increase our eeman.


Peri PiA said...

wow,blogger gathering

butterflutter said...

A VERY exciting holiday. You plan very well Lollies :-)

Share photos, ok

dills said...

wahhh mcm best jekk !!

Lollies said...

ruby - sambil menyelam minum air. Qadr Allah ramai pulak gang blogger lama menetap di dubai.

aza - this is one of the most pening kepala to plan holiday. But Alahmdulillah we found a solution where money and time is the limit. Insya Allah khayr.

Dilla - harapnya macam tulah. he he.