Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Day the Horns Honk!!

Qtar won the bidding to host the World cup in 2o22!!

They won hands down against Korea, Japan. The States and Ostrolia.

These are the number of votes
First round
Qatar 11
South Korea 4
Japan 3
US 3
Australia 1 (eliminated).

2nd round
Qatar 10
South Korea 5
US 5
Japan 2 (eliminated).

3rd round
Qatar 11
US 6
South Korea 5 (eliminated).

4th round
Qatar 14
US 8.

I petik from one of my facebook friends who said he takes it from Reuters. he he.

And Qtar ran wild the very night and the following. Horns echoed everwhere. people honked their car horns. People blow the vuvuzela. People dancing on their car. Sitting out of the window of a moving car. Driving crazier than normal. Accidents too.

The first ever Middle east country will host the W0rld cup! Wow!

Anyway the truth is I was actually hoping that Qtar wouldn't win the bid. I have been through the experience of this country hosting a smaller event that World Cup which is the Asian Games. And the havoc the country runs into was a burden to people like me.

The house rental would go sky rocket high. Seriously during the time of the Asian Games, they even rent out houses which was build from gypsum for thousands. This year the house went down a little bit making normal houses more affordable. But with the coming sport event, I speculate the rents would go up.

Why just this morning we went to scout a house for a friend, and the same house we asked before has increased by QR2000 and upon questioning, the owner said, "It's the Games."

And they will get the experts to build the nation so they can spend billions on making the event. Experts selalunya mat salleh who will put up high demand and high perks and affording all the good houses. reflecting back in the year 2006 during the Asia Games. We were left with partitioned houses paying 10k at that.

The grilled chicken now cost QR4 more than yesterday.

I wonder also would this country be ready for the ripple effects that come with the events. Woman in little fabric. Booze. Mingling.

The general ruling in this country is that woman are not allowed to wear skimpily and everyone should obey this. When I came in 2005, people were more modest. I have heard of the locals would tell the women off for dressing too tight, too low and too short. Nowadays people do not seem to mind anymore. We'll see more of this or less of fabric in 2022.

Up to 2010, alcohol cannot be drunk in public.

I don't know how long will I be in this country. Would I even be here in 2022? I would be 50!! Would I even be alive?

But for now, I'll probably observe what this country will have to go through to be among those who host the world's most watched game.

And I suppose congratulations are in order. Hope it doesn't kill us too fast.


m.u.l.a.n said...

yey, i book satu bilik kat rumah u ya maam...!! dapat stor pon ok je.. ada space tak kat dapor u tu..?? hehehe..

Sheherazade said...

salam kak lollies

billion2 tu