Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bakar Semangat

Subhanallah! I am feeling overwhelm. It's like I am chasing things but it always slip off my hand.

Perhaps the lessons are getting tougher. And Subhanallah things are always piling up. One will always be busy. And one will get busier and continue to be busy.

This is what I said to the girls in the teenage group that I handled before (not anymore). they didn't believe me. They think that their busy studying for exam is the ultimate busy of their life. Ever!

And I smiled at them for I have eaten loads of salt and I know that these girls whose life are in the best comfort life can give. Chaperoned everywhere. Kerja rumah pun minimal. Schooling international. Busy?

They wouldn't know they will get no less busy than what they have.

So many knowledgable people have attained the best of family life, the knowledge of the deen and the knowledge of dunya and can still manage their life. Do they have 24 hours like me? Allah Mustaan. May Allah put barakh in my time.

In short, take care of your time. take beneficial knowledge. Because dunya will get busier. make time, then you will have time.

Anyway, just something to burn the semangat for me. The comment says it is a funny video.

Then why am I crying?


zan said...

me too I didn't find it funny..i love aliya's tazkirah and thanks again for this reminder lols :)

Lollies said...

zan - it's funny i guess because we do the same thing. You know overlooking our child when praying or treating the first child really special and all that.

The one that touches me most is the fact that understanding arabic really bring different meaning to the quran and the message.

today i learnt, the , ya ayuha nnas

ayuha really mean calling people for alert! Like wake up! Jom! Jangan! Call for alert. Look at any verse which has ya ayuha, and read again what Allah wants from us. Allah is alerting you to something important.

dills said...

Gosh im crying too... :(

Lollies said...

dills - :). May this be an encouragement for us.