Monday, March 07, 2011

The best day of your life

Sya had an assignment to ask each of the family members to describe to her the best days of our lives. I, the mother of my children, in the effort to every now and again make my children feel good, told her that one of the best days in my life when I had all of them as my children. And I was not lying either because lying is haram.

Haziq mumbled something about getting recognitions and don't know what else. He mumbles a lot in his gruffy voice nowadays.

Jack confidently answered that the best days in his life are Friday and Saturday.


We all burst out laughing in the kitchen.

(Friday and Saturday are weekends here)


1bloghopper said...

i seconded jack on that plus the pay day. (^_^)

Lollies said...

i want to try to save the children's innocent and non complex answers to questions that we adults made the answer so complicated.

Anonymous said...

Omar also mumbles his responses when he speaks...teens!

I Do

elisataufik said...

eh eh ye lah, I think it's a teen thing. Ilham mumbles all the time. Kekadang I don't even know what he's talking about coz all I hear is gruff gruff gruff mumble mumble mumble...
and then bila kita tak dengar dia mula lah frust and start raising his voice.
Selalu kena tell of, "I want you to Enuncuiate your words, not increase your volume"
pastu mula lah, sulk sulk sulk sebab kena tegur...

oh btw,
Jack is so funny :)

papabear said...

what happened to Sunday Jack2 :)

Lollies said...

i do and elisa - teenage boys. *Roll eyes*

bear - sunday is school day over here. it is like your monday.