Friday, March 25, 2011

Odd One In


The children are always playing "who is the odd one out". Generally who is the odd one out loses. So if most are wearing whites, and the only one wearing red is the odd one out. *roll eyes*

Anyway, they played it again a few days ago. Sya asked all of us which one do we prefer summer or winter. All of us like winter more except for Jack, he likes the hot summer. The most likely reason is he really has no fat on him and he doesn't like being cold. I, on the other have much insulation wrapping me.

Then Sya told him that he is the odd one out. Jack was unhappy with it but he refused to change his answer and insisted on summer as his preferred choice. He became quite upset because he was alone against all four of us choosing summer.

I think it is time I interjectlah.

There is no need to be upset about being different. Remember first of all being a Muslim already make you different from others because you are the only one worshiping Allah, the way he wants you to worship Him, bi iznillah. There are so many gods out there and they have no right to be worshipped except Allah. Since a Muslim is the only one worshipping Allah, doesn't that make him the odd

And also remember this hadith,

On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said Islam began as something strange and will return as something strange as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers. This Hadith is Sahih and was reported from the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him).

When prophet Mohammad sallallahu alaihi wasalam spread the message of Islam, he (sallallahu alaihi wasalam) is viewed as strange. This is applicable in our world now. To the disbelievers, the one who holds on to obeying Allah and His Prophet salllahu alaihi wasalam are seen as the strange one. To top it, the one who tries to adhere to the quran and sunnah are also strangers in the land of masses of Muslims. A Muslim is the stranger, the odd

And also, we do not necessarily need to conform to people's agreement. Opinions are opinions. But not agreeing should not lead to fights. We must agree to disagree. Allah Mustaan.

That somehow, bi iznillah, made jack happy. Eh i didnt tell him the hadith though. He was all smiles after that and proud to be the only one who likes the hot drenchy summer.

The lesson today is you can be the odd one in.


Anonymous said...

Assalammualaikum Sister,

This reminds me of a video of Sheikh Khalid Yasin


Lollies said...


Brother SMN reads my blog? :O

Jazakallahhu khayr for the link. it is beneficial for all of us to understand this hadith and may it assist us to continue to strive to obey Allah and His prophet sallallahu alaihi wasalam. So we know we are on the ok track while being the stranger.

KakNi said...

Oh... ini lah peranan ibu... jadi pemegang tara, eh timbang tara... eh.. entah apa perkataannya tu...

m.u.l.a.n said...

jack ni sokmo nya cute..

jazakillahu khoiro..

La Petite Cherie said...

Eye-opening!! So glad to have found your blog, sis :)) A true gem indeed!!

Lollies said...

kak ni - kadang2 jadi diktator jugak

mulan - he he. wa iyaki

la petite cherie - thanks you or should i say merci?

cannot comment at yours apparently. tell me which one did you choose? leica or lumix? :D

Anonymous said...

relates well to you, for usually being the odd one..