Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hati ada Bunga

My lover is feeling stressed out at work lately. Understandably his project is at their tail of completion. Lots of handovers, disputes, possible V.O.s and whatnots. He has never been as stress as this I think. He doesn't show much, as in he doesn't come home sulking and got angry, but whenever we talked this would pop out. And also I sort of can tell because man has worry face and it shows here and there.

Anyway he said this to me, "Each time I got to work my head feels like bursting. But it all became better when I got home."

And see me? *Grin*

And see you. Peck on the forehead.


Just a story to remind myself,

The Prophet sallahu alaihi wasalam came to Khadijah on the first day of Revelation, anxious, trembling and shaking all over. He told her, "cover me! Cover me!" Then he said to Khadeejah, "O" khadeejah what is wrong with me? He told her what happened, then said, "I fear for myself." Khadeeja said, "No, rather be of good cheer, for by Allah, Allah will never fprsake you. By Allah, you unite relations, speak the truth, spend money on the needy, give money to the penniless, honour your guests and help those beset by difficulties."

She spoke to him in kind and sweet words of encouragement, filling him with confidence, tranquility and firm conviction. Throughout her life with him, Khadeeja supported him and helped him to bear the worst oppression and persecution that he faced in his mission. She endured with him every hardship and difficulty.

Ibn hashim in his seerah,

"Khadijah had faith, and believed in what he brought from Allah. In this way, Allah helped His Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasalam. Whenever he heard any distasteful words of rejection or disbelief that upset him, Allah would cause to put his spirits high and revived when he would come back to her. She would encourage him and advise him to be patient, believe in him and make it easier for him to bear whatever the people said or did. May Allah have mercy on her."

Khadeeja was one of the greatest woman in the world for all the virtues she had.


And I am far from it.

Ingat! Laki balik aje rumah jangan bombard dengan bebelan dan komplen.


masdiana said...

awww... :-)

Darth Trust said...

"Ingat! Laki balik aje rumah jangan bombard dengan bebelan dan komplen."

I think my platoon sergeants need to learn from you.

Lollies said...

diana - didnt come without drama though.

hansac - hahahhaha. serupa ibu ketam mengajar anak ketam berjalan nanti. mind youthis is for myself sebab i errr still talk too much and many times cant wait to spill everything out to him after a whole day keeping them.

But sometime ago, a guy told me how rimas he was with his wife for immediately pouncing on him as soon as he come home. not to complain about him pun but just bitching about others. Lately I sort of teringat his story.

papabear said...

isteri solehah.. good job sis!