Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Semua Mata Pandang ke Timur

Subhanallah! All the world are eyeing the tragedy in Japan now. A massive earthquake of 8.9 Richter scale causing even a more massive tsunami wiping out towns, radiation leaks and reactor meltdown, shifting the earth's axis off its tangent, moving countries, setting the world calculation of time faster.

The Japanese have proven to be the world winner on top of their many world claim titles of sony, toyota, honda, Nissan and the likes. Another world class product of Japan are their people themselves. Their discipline, their systematic, cost saving, their cooperation and their respect to shura and leaders.

And now the world are looking at the aftermath of Japan trying to absorb the destruction and the difficulties their people are facing. It is heart breaking.

I am sure also you have read on how calm their people are facing this calamity. How all of them collectively get together and help one another. There is no chaos among the people. No pushing and shoving one another to get any scarce food and water. People don't crazily stock food for themselves, only buying what is enough for them leaving more for people behind. The young helped the elder ones. Everywhere you read (in social network sites like facebook and twitter), the Japanese are saying, we are in this together.

People all over the world are watching the Japanese with much respect. We know how disciplined these people are. How they always work together and make decision collectively. How efficient oriented they are - I mean they created JIT and all those three lettered jargon. But in calamity like these, it only shows their true self controlled and unselfishness nature.

The word of the day is probably Gaman, a japanese word which is a concept that defies easy translation but broadly means calm forbearance, perseverance and poise in the face of events beyond one's control. Word gaman-zuyoi (gaman tsuyoi) also comes from the fact most of them are sensitive to the needs of others first.

And this is the culture that they build on for generations.

Now now now let's take a look at myself. Sometime ago, when the centre i am attending had to move to a new building, the centre ran out of chairs because of the in between transferring. The classes went on though. So some ladies had to sit on the floor and some managed to secure chairs for themselves. I went to scout for a chair and sat myself near the door. Easy access to leave later. My teacher came to me, "But you are young and stronger lollies. Give the chair to the older ones," She said jokingly. I just laughed.

But later it haunted me. I realised I myself am quite selfish. I don't think I am willing to give up my comfort for someone else. Not that I think much about it or the intention is such. It's just I don't think at all maybe.

I have a japanese muslim girl in my arabic class. You know what she does? She would collect her notes and photocopied them and also photocopy her scribbling on the books and give it to those who are absent. I only found out about this when i was absent myself. I have never even thought of doing that. Sure I assisted when someone asked but never to this extent, even though I do know that it is difficult to understand the lesson when you dont come and wished someone would help me.

I am ashamed of myself. There are many selfish incidents or too busy for others incidents that I did.

I believe that Islam taught me to think of others even more. I should be rushing forward for the reward that Allah promises right?

Sunan Abi Dawood that states, “The merciful will be give mercy by the Most Merciful. Have mercy to those on earth and the one in the heavens will have mercy upon you.”

But most of the times it just doesnt sink in. It is not embedded in us. We cannot feel the word mercy. Because it is in english? Can we feel the word rahmah? Can we think how wide the rahmah is? Such that Allah has given only one rahmah to the whole world that a crocodile does not kill her babies, a human is kind to others regardless they worship Allah or not. And He is saving 99 more just for those who believe in Him in Yaumul Akhirah. And only from His mercy will he let us enter jannah.

But we cannot feel the bigness of this.

If it does than we don't have cases like stealing spilled rice on the road leaving the injured unattended (one of the two died). Stealing coins spilled on the road. Taking the elevator filling up the space making sure you enter first even you come later than the disabled guy in the wheelchair. Or what about when we cut queues to get to the clown guy so our children get the dog-balloon first.

We even have to make commercial to give up the LRT chair for the elederly and pregnant woman. And take note also that the commercial run into issues of racism.

We do not fear Allah so much?
We do not fear that will be asked by Allah Himeslf?
Or we do not care about any promised reward which is better than the worldly reward and everything in this world?
Or we think jannah is guaranteed that we dont have to work as hard?
Or we think being a Muslim is a guaranteed jannah?
Or we think learning the deen is only for ourselves, we do not have to extent extra kindness to others.
Or we use learning the deen to bash others?

When I say we, i really do mean me, myself and I.


masdiana said...

takde button like la nak click. :-) Allahumma baarik...

Peri PiA said...


its not about You,Its about US INDEED


Darth Trust said...

gaman. thanks. I learned some more good things about Japanese now.

Apparently, as a whole society, Japanese are more Islamic than most Muslims.

Lollies said...

I am afraid so. And we are all to be blamed for staying away from the deen and on top of that became worse than what our cultural value taught us anyway.

In spite of this gamanness, the suicide rate from the world war disaster or calamities in japan is high also. There is difference between believing in God and the yaumul akhirah

Lollies said...

Anyway Subhanallah i found the word ithar, an arabic word. And also a command of Islam.

Ithat means selflessnes or preferring your brother than yourself.

The Prophet (PBUH) experienced many situations of Ithar throughout his life. He would give his own robe for people to cover with during the cold nights of Madinah. The Prophet (PBUH) said: one amongst you believes (truly) till one likes for his brother or for his neighbor that which he loves for himself."

Also in suratul Hasr 59:9

and more reads and examples here


these are all required from us.indeed we are running away from our own beautiful deen. :(

Anonymous said...

agreed with Darth Trust "Japanese are more islam than most Muslims". Teringat juga kata kata Ustaz Hasrizal bahawa alangkah bagusnya kalau Mekah sebersih Jepun.