Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jack Goes Bald

jackMasya Allah, Jack did his first umrah ever. Initially we wanted to forego it because we know we will be arriving late and most likely we will only be doing it after isya' which can carry on till midnight. Lover was particularly lazy about it since he would be the one to take Jack anyway.

We, including Jack who was more like terpaksa, decided to do it anyway. Funnylah JAck ni. He was always like err malasnya, but in the end he was the most zealous one. When he recited the talbiyah, he was the loudest one. The fastest one. When he ran raml around the kaabah and at the saei, he was the most excited one. Walhalnya yang tua-tua ni masa saei dah kepenatan.

And Masya Allah Jack went for the bald look too. May Allah have mercy on him.

He didn't mind so much when he was there and practically everyone was doing the same thing. But he did mind when many strangers like to touch his head. Many of them made dua' while doing so.

Today is his first day of school. Since last night he was a bit apprehensive of his baldness. The thought of going to school bald in this state and meeting his friends worry him a bit.

We encouraged him to be proud instead because Allah is giving him more mercy. This is far more important than what people think of him.

From Abu Hurayrah, Prophet sallahu alaihi wasalam said, "Indeed Allah does not look at how your appearance is but rather at your deeds."

And plus he won't be alone. Abang is bald. Some of his friends (not in the same class though) are bald too.

And my my my you look cuuuuutttteee, MAsya Allah. Ibu is proud of you.

I know that they would have their own freewill when they get older and will be making their own choices on things he want to do or not. I ask Allah that they live their live in fear of Him and abiding the quran and sunnah. And the dua' goes to all of us too.


Sheherazade said...

comel :)

m.u.l.a.n said...

jack nampak dah besar sangat... compare to masa mula2 mokcik mulan kenal jack kat blog dolu2.. hehe..

bakal jejaka idaman malaya ni..

Runiza said...

MasyaAllah.... seronok nya dengar you and family ke tanah suci!! Untung Jack... kecil2 dah sampai sana :) Doa2 one day I can bring my kids ke sana jugak.... Amiin..

famyGirl said...

Ameen to your dua' Lollies. Thank you...

MasyaAllah. You must be really proud of Jack for being able to perform his umrah at such a young age. I sendiri pun masih soooo banyak yang tak sure/tak tahu and still a lot to learn.

Hee hee hee. Aunty Famy like Jack's new look. Macho campur adorable gitu. :) I wonder how Aidiin would look bald... hmmm.