Monday, April 04, 2011

Recharging Battery


Insya Allah we will be going for umrah this coming Thursday. We will be driving there Insya Allah. This time round we are planning to take a different route than the one we took back in 2009.

We will be driving enroute Madinah driving for perhaps 13 hours from Doha and stopping at Buraydah. And continue the journey the following day to Madinah.

On Sunday we will be assuming our miqat and drive towards Makkah. Pray that it will be easy for us to find a parking space there. Watching the TV, there is a sea of people making tawaf by now. Allah Mustaan. May Allah make it easy for us.

We will be leaving Makkah on Wednesday and will drive to Riyadh for rest cum socialising with friends and will be leaving back to Doha on Thursday Insya Allah.

Please pray for our smooth and safe journey.

I leave you in the care of Allah for those in His care will never be lost.


azGROWLen said...

Have a safe journey, a good umrah and exceptionally great time at the holy place of Makkah and Madinah. Salam to Rasulullah SAW

butterflutter said...

I'll pray for you smooth and safe journey Lollies.

Please pray for us.

TheVeryEry said...

Have a safe journey, good health and perform good umrah. MashaAllah..bestnya..
and please pray for me too :)

famygirl said...

MasyaAllah you are so lucky! :)

Praying you have good health throughout your trip and a safe and smooth journey pergi dan balik.

Please pray for me+family too ya. *hugs*

masdiana said...

may Allah make things easy + accept your ibadah. *hugs*

zan said...

We pray that u n family have a safe trip, good health for the ibadah and come home recharge :)

Please pray for us too *muah*

roserose said...

Alhamdulillah..dah sampai n dah balik pun ya..