Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shine on Me

I love staying in the masjid (both the haramain until slightly above shuruq timee. There are usually less people in the mosque.

So I was there, in masjid nabawi, like the other mornings and decided to solatul Ishraq or Solatud Dhuha. And I was standing there praying, feeling I am having all the place to myself. No one is waiting for me. No one rushes me for breakfast. I can take my time.

(Supposedly deep in my prayers), I can suddenly feel light surrounding me. And slight cool breeze coming from everywhere enveloping me. I can feel the ruffle of my khimar.

I felt tremendously blessed.

Only to find out later that the ray of light and the cool breeze was because they opened up the dome letting fresh air into the masjid.

Sekali sekala perasan apa salahnya.

I don't have picture of the sliding dome because the female guards would usually check the female's bags for camera. I know some ladies sneaked in the camera but somehow I don't feel like risking it.

A youtube of the dome sliding. It is really quiet actually. I think the noise in the video is from the people not the mechanical gears of the dome.


Gartblue said...

hehehe ... lolls, sekali-sekala perasan okay .. I wish I was there too. keep writing babe, you know I'm reading. and keep me informed too. muahs!

butterflutter said...

tee...hee...hee...masa baca tadi i pun imagine ahhh.....Saw it once on tv in one of those travel series.

famyGirl said...

hee hee hee.
I pun ter-imagine situation yang sama. Ahh.. bliss.
Tak kisah lah if the 'reality' is otherwise... but you were there in THE masjid nabawi, that's already a blessing itself :)

roserose said...

my sister kena aritu..nangis dia luar masjid..since my parents dah masuk..dia tak dpt ..sbb camera la tu..

Anonymous said...

that happened to me during my first visit to madinah 6 years ago and for a few seconds there, i pun terperasan! :) lawak jugak cos i sorang and had noone to share my perasaan waktu tu - roziana who's now in kl

Lollies said...

gart - May Allah make it easy for you to visit teh haramain ery soon. :D

BF - on the other hand masa dia bukak lepas solat dzuhur, ak rasa perasan kot sebab agak panas. he he

famy - indeed it is. Alhamdulillah.

Lollies said...

rose - actually maybe guard tu tak explain betul-betul sebab orang ramai sangat. ada tempat kita boleh letak phone tu sekejap. lepas tu masuk. tapi yalah kadang2 orang ramai guard pun tak kosa nak layan and sometimes dia agak kasar especially in teh view of us malays. tapi as you can see public pun lagi kasar. Insya Allah next time.

Meanwhile for other readers, my advise is use phone yg tak ada kamera masa nak masuk nabawi. for men is ok sebab no one checks. they check woman sebab tak nak you intentionally or otherwise ambik gambar perempuan kat situ yang mana ramai pakai niqab and would be taking it off masa kat masjid.

rozi - hahahahahha. mesti ramai yang rasa macam tu. kih kih kih

verignac said...

i pun pernah experience masa bumbung tu tgh buka I tak sure masa time haji ke or the previous umrah I dulu...mmg best giler...