Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Mind Your Language

I love my Arabic Class this time round!

I told you earlier that my new teacher speaks only arabic and when she does it, she does it slowly and ever so patiently. Allahuma Bareek.

Sometimes at the end of the class she would give us tadzkirah. Most of the time I do not know what she says but I do get the gist of it especially if she narrates hadith that I already know in english. A bit cheating but I must say the hadith does sound much better in Arabic.

She also makes us converse in arabic. She would ask to describe our weekends. She makes us write us short scripts, make sentences, write short essay or just hear her read aloud and answer some questions.

Sometimes she would laugh watching us trying to get the arabic words whle at many times she would look confuse with what we said.

I wonder whether she she feels like Mr Brown in "Mind Your Language" sitcom trying to teach us Arabic.


Mc Ani said...

:}} I love mind your languange series..Semoga semua students dan cikgu nya diberkahi dan dirahmati Allah..belajar bahasa syurga tu.


Lollies said...

Ameen Ameen Ya Rabb

أم الليث said...

InshaAllah nanti tetiba je pandai cakap arab dengan fasih!

Lollies said...

Aliya - Insya Allah. :D