Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Something to Listen to.

Alhamdulillah for the advancement of technology. We can listen to lectures while we are at home.

I introduced to haziq mostly, to a speaker mainly famous in the States - Nouman Ali Khan. His target lecture are mostly for the young Muslims. And also the parents of the youth.

Among his lecture. Beware of trendsetters.

Go through his many lectures, perhaps you will something that you can share with your family.

Also for those with podcasts on their smart phones, perhaps you can consider his (and counterparts) lectures on tafsir. currently on Juz Amma and tabarrak. In your iphone for example, go to itunes-podcast-search for bayyinah podcast - and download them.
Also can be directly downloaded using ipod touch and ipad. With ipod classic though, you have to extract it from your computer after downloading it. Just click the link above to get it downloaded into the computer.

Some of the arabic lessons are a bit deep if you are not studying arabic yet. However it will still be beneficial Insya Allah.

I am also currently taking up tafseer of Suratul baqarah. Qadr Allah, I found this lecture which describes the hypocrites in a simple but effective manner. May we not be among those who are hypocrites.

May Allah preserve him.

So what are you currently listening to?


abi said...

Kuliah Tuan Guru Nik Aziz, MB Kelantan every Friday morning 9.30am local time, whenever I am working in front of PC and have internet.

DILLS said...

Juz Amma hari hari. Since now dah start kena hafal with correct tajweed. Rasa mcm dah betul bila masuk class ada jeeeer salah..