Saturday, November 19, 2011

More Goddessy Gadgets

Once a while I try to reclaim my goddessy position in my imaginary goddessy world. Like in this entry for example. I present you my latest purchase.


Yes you heard it right. The steamer.

It helps to smooth down fabrics which are tedious to iron.

Especially long thawb for example. We have been spending lots of money on sending the thawbs to laundry for ironing. Thawb are long and tedious to iron on the ironing board. With the steamer you can just steam the thawb standing. As in the thawb is put up on a hanger and hang up on its given rail.

And not to mention long flowing abaya. Especially if you have tedious folds or beads on them. The steamer is your saviour.

Also scarves with beads on them. Or any of your beaded baju kurungs. Steamer is just the best.

And also no wore ugly wrinkly table cloth for me.

Goddess Goddess Goddess

Downside for me

I bought the steamer with a big tank - 2.8 litres of water. The more the water is the longer it takes to heat the water. So I am kinda used to the iron which just at at the flick of the switch, I can iron immediately.

But I have learned to manage the time. I will just heat the water up and do otehr things for perhaps 5 minutes. Then only I do the steaming.

The other thing, the pressing of the iron on the board gives a satisfaction of actually ironing wrinkly clothes. Then you are actually hitting on something. With steamer is like a quiet not much punching action. It is like doing a slow repetitive dance. In that sense it is quite boring.

I also think I need something to stretch the fabric to somewhat feel more satisfied when I steam.

Ahhh maybe i really am not this slo-mo kind of person.

I also think the rail they give is too short. It doesnt allow me to adjust it as well. I wish I could get it higher so i could steam the hem of the long abaya/ thawb easily.

I also do not own many beaded materials. LOL! But I guess when I do need to iron that, it makes me wonder how did I do without the steamer before?

I was just thinking whether you can use this to steam your face and attack the comedones myself.


أم الليث said...

best benda ni tapi kene jaga the water tank...apparently it can accumulate calcium deposits ke apa entah hahaha. (did my research, can u tell? LOL)

teringin gak nak beli benda ni but i have no need for it at the moment. what i need is a pants presser. i hate ironing men's trousers. but they cost $ tak caya je.

LOL dont use it on your face.... :p

Lollies said...

kih kih kih. ada gak dia tulis. tapi some iron pun sama jugakkan? anyway dia ada cakap macamana nak prevent. tapi err can i cross the bridge when i get there?

Pergh lelaki punya seluar leceh betul nak gosok!! Lover pakai jeans aje. senang sikit. But $1000 for that. mak oi!!!

Anyway after a few times steaming the thawb with it, err hantar kedai lagi cantik. But it will do Insya Allah.