Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Role Models

Haziq is a growing teenager now. In his young and cute days, I would (and lover) be his reference and role model. Ibu knows everything. And he learned really fast now that my answer when he asked usually comes out with a "I don't know Haziq."So yeah Ibu doesn't know everything in this world.

Haziq is a growing teenager with mood swings and bumps of pimple on his forehead. His hormones are raging and species of the opposite sex is peculiar and somewhat attractive. He is taller and stand towering against his siblings and his Ibu now.

These are the years that he would need good role models for him to emulate and learn from.

I am so glad that I (and lover) made the decision not to buy any hand held games like PSP and such. For I have seen children who are just too engross with games that they fail to realise that there are people around them and adventures to explore and ideas to be shared. Now the world has moved on to Ipods and Iphones and IPads and such, the children don't seem to know how to communicate with others anymore. Undeniably these I-products are very good and educational thus it should remain in the home for such purpose. Well except for Iphone because I need it. :P. And camera is allowed too.

I cringe watching the teenagers in a crowded place full of their peers, sit quietly in the corner of the room with ears stuck to music banging their head eyes fixed on the screen. They only became alive but frantic when their gadgets run out of batteries.

Anyway I was saying, I encouraged my children to talk to people. Start by giving salam (need reminder of course) and make friends.

Back to role model point. Hmmm due to our current lifestyle, the kids tend to be with us all the time and their schoolmates and occasionally some friends when I take them to people's house. So currently the one Haziq is closest to must be his Ustaz ngaji. Keh keh keh. He encourages and pushes Haziq to memorise even more. Perhaps also one of the most noticable thing HAziq has done is by improving his arabic font writing. LOL! It used to be really bad, but because Ustaz writes like as if it was printed from the machine, haziq tried his best to improve.


And who best can be the role models if not for his own father. This is what I have been sweet talking, pestering and bebeling my lover but he is just too lazy. My lover is very good with his hands. He loves DIY job and very good at practical hands on problem solving. I urged him to call Haziq whenever he is up to a project but he said, he didn't learn it from anyone. In other words, so why should he teaches Haziq.

But after years of sweet talking and pestering and bebelling, recently lover began to see my points. Haziq tu biasalah blur but slowly he is enjoying. Slowly I will sweet talk, pester and bebel lover to give Haziq more adult responsibility as part of his continuous learning process. Insya Allah khayr.

At the recent BBQ that I had, haziq enjoyed mixing with the older guys and uncles bbqing for all of us. Thus all the teenage boys got into action. Kalau tak duduk aje tunggu makanan. Meanwhile I enjoyed eating them because I can.


Having a teenager now, it's like jumping into paradigm shift mode in approaching parenting style I think. We need to be their friends but firm. Talk to them and advise them. Discuss with them and listen to them. Easy typed than done. because it is easier to say dengar cakap orang tua.

I am still on the look out for role models in all categories (yang baik preferbally. yang buruk jadi sempadan). meanwhile haziq can start venturing on his own and learn with guidance Insya Allah.

I ask Allah that He will guide us all on the treu path and that he brings to us people who will only bring the best out of us and pleasing to Allah.

If any of you have any stories or info on your own role model or your children or anything, do share. I would love to hear and learn.


أم الليث said...

bila dah remaja dah start suka hang out dengan orang dewasa...bosan duduk dengan budak2 aje hehehe

i pun asyik sweet talking, pestering, nagging my husband to be a bit more of a role model. or at least gi la padang main bola ke, ajar naik basikal ke.

asyik the mother aje yg influence...susah plak..nanti tak manly plak. kihkihkih. sometimes i think kita ni bersemangat benor.

i cant believe you have a teenage son oreddy!

Anonymous said...

I love this post.. <3

Your point about handheld games like PSP and such and even Ipad which many youngsters carry everywhere and got hypnotised too is quite alarming!! I so agree with you to encourage our children to involve in more varieties of communications :)

rd @littlemuffins :)

masdiana said...

masyaAllah his Arabic writing is very nice! tabarakAllah. :-) may he + all of our kids + all of us find the best role models in this life.

Lollies said...

aliya - kan? the boys need the father as a man role model. the girls need their father to assure her she is worthy in the eyes of a real man - her father.

I pun macam tak percaya yang i dah ada teenager sedangkan i masih lagi dalam umur 20an. LOL

roslina - it doesnt mean I tak kasi beli. I think limits must be drawn. kan?

diana - ameen ya Rab Ameen. :D