Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bye to Lover

When we decided that we would go to Qatar, it was also decided that we will all go together, the whole family. This is first of all because the company that my lover is working for encourage their expatriates comrades to come as a family and they will do the visa for the whole family even when you do not possess an RP or you are not confirm. We knew that it would be tough for us to go together in a sense that we wouldn't have a car immediately, the house is not permanent, we do not have basic home stuff and all the things that we have been comfortable with all this while like toilet brush for instance. Yeah we don't have that immediately. And I hate it when I don't have toilet brush.

There were a few guys who were "wifeless" because the wife choose to come later or because they do not want to come at all. Well they are grown ups, sure. They know where to get their dinner. Some of them can cook. But look at their cooking. Even when they claim it's good, I still think it doesn't pass most wives standard. (I thinklah). Or when you see them do takeaways..awww..I feel so pity for them. I don't know why. Perhaps because I see eating from styrofoam is something sad? When I go to their houses, I can see the absence of feminine touch. Am not even talking about flowers or paintings. But soem of them rarely sweep not to mention mop. Even when they do sweep, it's always at strategic places. They always miss spots. I am so pompuan kan? No lah actually I am a perfectionist. I look at these things een though I am a lazy wife.

And then and then even when they do eat well, iron their clothes, use soap during shower and occassionally eat vegetables and fruits, there is still something missing. Something not there. Like they are not content. Could it be the lack of sex? My theory is, it is.

But then I am only telling you what I observe in the eye of a domestic Goddess. I don't know how they feel. Anyone who will be going on a solo journey leaving the wife behind can tell a better story and the actual truth of the life of being wifeless.

Worst still when you are in a country like Q@tar where most people come as a family, they don't have many friends that they can talk to everyday. This will be compensated, I suppose, during the weekends where golf and tennis and squash or eating at pot lucks take place.

After two months staying in Q@tar, who would have thought that in the end I still have to bid goodbye to my lover. He left for Q@tar today after he exhausted his compassionate leave. He wasn't even elligible for leave actually.

I stayed on because I feel that I should be there for my dad at least? Until when? I don't know. Time will tell.

My lover just wishes it is sooner than later.

When I got back to the hospital, I went to see my mum. I hold her arm and rubbed it as I whispered what I did today. I told her that I had to drive with the three kids in the car from KLIA to Muar. Thank goodness JackJack was not acting up. Then I felt her limbs moved a bit. Not once but twice.

My dad had similar stories. My dad said she looked like she wanted to cry when he touched her.

I see hope. I feel hope. Hope gives me strength.

To Bear and Bert, I can never thank you enough for taking your tiime to come and visit my mum today. Indeed today I am in jovial mood seeing her progress and I am glad that you get to witness our better days.


Jill Yusoff said...

Parting is painful, I feel for you. And poor Lover. But you have to do what you have to do and hopefully you will be blessed with much more later.

bertique said...

sis, no need to thank us la. thank you for allowing us to visit you, and err witnessing the events that took place in klia. hahaha

kelakar tau budak haziq tuh.

we dont have anything to offer other than paying ur mom a visit, plus it's only 2 hours drive from kl la. small matter la sis.

let's hope for the best.

my prayers is with you and your mom.

Anonymous said...

nekbat - itulah dia nekbat. little sacrifice here and there.

bert - habislah you kena melayan si haziq and sya. tapi bert sorrylah ya, bear yang dapat suap sya. heh heh

anne said...

sometimes, the best thing God or anyone can give you is hope...

bertique said...

hehe tak pe lollies, tpai i guna strategy lain :P.

if jack2 do whatever sya and haziq did, and same goes as sya. so, when i close with haziq - guess what? sya will follow one day .. hahaha

Nazrah Leopolis said...

sedih aah lagu valparaiso ni.

pls email to me ur snail mail address.remember tu hari i cari giant lollies with rainbow swirls? i dah beli satu...fruity and lasts a lot looooonger than the toffee lollies.

nak tak nak tak nak tak? nak tu...jgn malu malu... *wink*

bab rindu kat abang, heh i teman u malam2 kat YM k? hehe

very encouraging progress, continue massaging and reading the quran in her ear.keep on talking to her. insyaAllah she will come to before u know it.

Anonymous said...

my email

he he he nak jugak. pastu sorokkan dari sya jangan kasi dia.

yeah the progress is very encouraging compared to when i came back..everybody is ready for the worst masa tu.

anne - precisely.

bert - :-P

atiza said...

dulu masa mom in law aku coma after brain surgery dulu, kakak ipar aku pun buat massage therapy dan cakap slow-slow to doa banyak2

Anonymous said...

bacakan yasin selalu kat telinga mak awak.

Anonymous said...

atiza - massage theraphy? woo kena belajar ni

artco = ya InsyaAllah saya buat selalu

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