Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Slowly Does It Ibu

Remember that I wished for my mum's eys to pop open? My friends, and those of you who have prayed for us, she now has opened her eyes.

Yes she has! Yes she has!

She didn't exactly pop it open though, but opened she did! And my heart has leapt high now.

It started when I told you that her limbs moved a bit. The next day, she made a lot of facial expressions when we talk to her. Mostly sad like she wanted to cry. I think she did want to cry. I noticed she tried hard to push her eyes open then, but it was perhaps too heavy.

She was always frowning, perhaps out of desperation. Perhaps out of pain. Perhaps she is sad. But I would rub her forehead and told her not to worry herself. Don't frown Ibu, we want you up wrinkle free remember.

The next day she managed to open her eyes quarterly and seem to be able to comprehend where sound come from. She would look at you, but it was such effort. But by that day, I thought I saw her trying to smile. Or was I just perasan (Illusionning) ? Perasan pun perasanlah. Perasan is also hope. I told her I am happy to see her smiling.

But yesterday she opened both of her eyes. She did! She looked at me! She understood all I said! Sometimes she smile. Sometimes she looked like she wanted to cry.

Ya Allah! Aku bersyukur Ya Allah!

I told her everything that I have wanted to tell her before. I said I love her so many times. I told her what happen to me daily. The kids. I told her she must get up for I want her to teach me how to cook.

I told her I want her Banana Cake recipe. Her banana cake is not the sponge one, it's the mashed banana one. I love it but I'm frigging lazy all these while. So she must get up.

She smiled. It's beautiful.

She desperately wanted to speak back, but she can't. She has a hole poked at her throat to assist her breathing. I told her not to strain herself. On the other hand I do understand how frustrating it is to answer and say something back. So today I thought of doing something about it. So she can talk back.

I thought of grouping the alphabets in five (A B C D E) and saying it out loud and perhaps have a card to show. And ask her to nod if the alphabet she needs is in the group. Then continue to next group (F G H I J) and so on.

The next step I would guess the vowel for Malay word usually has vowel as the second letter and hopefully start guessing or continue with the process.

I tried yesterday but I was reciting all the 26 alphabets continously slowly. It's too slow.

I wish I can read lips for she moved her lips a lot to speak to me. It's frustrating!

If you have any other method, easier perhaps?

You know after after being told that my mother's brain has damaged, this turn of event is makes us very thankful indeed. She still couldn't move anyting else.

But when I kiss her, she adds pressure by trying to kiss back, like a baby she is, it just made you happy.


Leen AshBurn said...

ALHAMDULILLAHHH!! Am so, so, so happy for you, Lollies!

When I was recuperating from coma dulu tu, I couldn't speak (ada three tubes down my throat) and apparently my nerves were a bit rusak as well sebab I could only hold up my wrist - so what my dad did was to write the 26 alphabets lepas tu dia suruh I point out one by one. It's very frustrating and slow - but at least they knew what I want rather than having to guess what I mumbled/mouthed kan?

If your mom dah strong a bit and can write, place some sheets of paper kat her hand (atas tilam) and get her to write. That is much faster - she wont need to see what she wrote so much, tapi I'm sure you'll be able to decipher her writing.

But let me tell you this - it will be very frustrating for your mom nanti. I remember feeling that, sebab I guess I took for granted about most things - brushing own teeth, makan guna tangan sendiri etc. So bila my limbs tak boleh move as easily as I could before, I jadik emo. Sikit-sikit nangis, sikit nangis. Mak jadik pelakon air mata uols hehe. Just to share what I went through - I hope it'll work for you as it did for me dulu.

Lollies said...

oh leen that is a good advice. I will share this with my dad. You know what my mum never wanted to go to hospital. She doesn't want her leg amputated as it is now. I think she will fall into depression. My dad has to brace this. Kesiannya. I will try to kuatkan semangat. Kekadang I rasa tak nak balik Qatar pulak. Shhhh don tell my lover.

Unknown said...

alhamdullilah for teh good news lollies. been a silent reader all this while and also forwarding my doa's in your mother's recovery.
my uncle was a stroke victim and is currently recuperating. his means of communication is via a tablet which has all 26 aphabets on them. whenever he wishes to say something, someone will run a pencil across the tablet and he will nod/wink to the desired letter, which would be written down. slow proces, but effective nonetheless.
i envy how strong you and the family are at this point. insyallah, your mum will recover.

Anonymous said...


Nana said...

happy to hear the good news lollies.. alhamdulillah.

elle said...

am happy for u sis..kena byk2 bersabar..;-D

Jill Yusoff said...

may god grant you and you dad's the strength and patience for days to come. these are indeed wonderful news.

Anonymous said...

welcome izreen fara - that is heartwarming to hear
to my other friends - thank you. a lot more patience and semangat is what i need now

Kunci said... day at a time.

Lollies said...

yes kunci one day at a time. kunci is an interesting name eh?

Anonymous said...

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