Monday, June 12, 2006

Haziq's Concert Day

It was Haziq's first concert day, yesterday. First one here. In this new school of his. In this foreign country. In an international school. Ooooo so mega important! He missed quite a few already. So this one, this one is important for him before he finishes off school.

It's important for me.

You might also notice that for a "concert" entry, there is certainly lack of pictures in this post.

Why is that? (I help you probe the right question)

Because, I didn't even take any.

Eh! How come?

Because, I wasn't even there.

This is the point where you should start raising your eyebrows.

I didn't even see what he did for his concert. You see the one I love most in this house, the one with a car and the most important job in the world, picked me up at 11:00 yesterday. The concert starts at 11:15. And The school is far. 20-30 minutes journey. And the road was jam-packed yesterday.

No prize on guessing who was pouting.

When I got to the place, there was a big applause from the audience. They were not applausing for me for finally being there. It was the last performance of the older children. Then the teacher said her thanks to all parents who took their time coming (on time, if I may add). The children did so well despite english being their second language and yadda, yadda, yadda. I was just standing there near the stage (for I cannot enter any further) looking for Haziq. He was sitting on the floor with his friends.

Finally the teacher said the parents can bring the children home and to have a good day. Haziq shot up. Scanned the audience, presumably looking for me. I am not there among the audience of course. I called out to him. Delighted was his face seeing me standing next to the stage. He said, I looked for you during the show, but I forgot to look at the side of the stage. You were even nearer. Gulp!

He also asked whether I noticed anything different about him during the show. I made him tell it to me in the most calm motherly way I can squeeze.

Pray he didn't ask for photos.

Just to add. It is not wise to use stilletos if you are going to walk under the hot sun with a soaring temperature of 50 degrees Celsius. Everything sizzles including the pavement. It will burn right through your thin stilletos and saute your foot crisp like bacon.

Use platform instead.


Jill Yusoff said...

You know what, the first thing I did upon seeing the blog title was scroll down for pictures. hugs. valid reason for pouting. and ouch on the stilettos. strappy open sandals for me on a hot day.

sare_reyes said...

hahaha...lucky haziq didn't notice u've missed the concert...

JoKontan said...


Will FlipFlops do ?

Lollies said...

jill - Lepas ni either I wear a proper pump or the thick sandals. panas

sare - selamat ibu dia

jokintan - flip flop? tak sesuai kalau nipis. panas gila

dlt said...

Hmm.. lucky u Haziq didn't ask for any photo. If I was in ur shoes, I will not know what to answer. To lie or tell the truth. But telling the truth will break his heart. I guess bohong sunat is ok la kot. Jangan kantoi dah la.
50 deg C! Huh! My friend over there sure tan giler la ni.

Nazrah said...

there will be other concerts lollies...

and next time kena pakai kayu/cork as footwear

Sunflora said...

laa cian nye. Did he tell you we had a conversation? He told me he had a concert and I asked what conscrt was it? He said you know concert. Heheheh

Lollies said...

dlt - thank god i didn't need to lie at all. He just assume I was there. So not telling does not mean you are lying. Is it?

nazrah - ya memang betul. cuma ni last for the year. itu ajele yang galat. dahlah tak pernah ada konsert langsung

sf - yes he did. he told you dia buat apa kan? adussss

Idham said...

having met haziq...experiencing what a smart young man he is, i just got the feeling that he knows the whole drama...i didn't mean the drama on stage. But he is too smart to put his beloved mom in hot place ( ah, the pun...intended, it is so so hot in doha ).


maklang said...

panas betul ek kat sana....belum lagi diSANA...entah dapat pakai selipar entah tidak...

mintak yang baiklah unutk kita seme..., InsyaAllah.

dah habis ke bawang goreng tu?

atiza said...

kesian ko..

aku tak pernah pergi school play sejak dua menjak anak2 aku started their primary school.

Lollies said...

idham - haziq is a smart boy. He will probe strange questions and surprise all of us

mak lang - memang panas betul. bawang goreng..masih dalam kotak. Ingat nak buat meee soup lah

atiza - kesian aku. kesian ko gak

anis said...

teehehehe yew evil mom. don't worry, your son will soon live thru it. i know i did :D