Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I am cool. I am alright.

Sometimes I feel that I am doing nothing exciting at all to blog about. I mean sure I made sago pudding early this week and well it is really good. Infact I surprised myself. It is bloody easy, I am surprised I have never made that one before. But well..I like surprising myself sometimes.

And also the most exciting weekly event I used to have is not there anymore. They have moved to the embassy. Too lazy to go. There is still this pot luck every fortnight on Thursday night. Spring rolls maybe? No sengkuang though. Haziq has a party on Thursday. Last day of school. I still have those little cups. I'll make brownies again. *rolls eyes*. There is something on the coming Friday too. But it is too upsetting to tell. No camera. :(

Then Haziq. He got a prize the other day. In his school. Not for core subjects though. It's his school project. So okay,I made so much fuss. I am a drama queen okay? Teacher has nothing but good words for him. Still he needs refinement on certain things. But overall I am proud of him. Being in school for 4 months throughout the year, I think he did okay. Teachers gave pointers. I really like to share if there is an audience.

Psssttt. Haziq's good friend, John, got the best student. And look at his momma drilling him over his exam papers in front of everyone. Looking nothing but proud. Oh woman! Hug him! Come on! Give him a break!

Oh and the other thing is. There are a few events at Haziq's school.
Lover who is super busy and who is also worried that he wouldn't be able to make it on time. So he asked me to drive instead and be his chauffeur while I am that. So yeah, I get to drive. And yeah, I have been driving. In fact I have been driving ever since we rented the car. And because I drive a lot, I am familiar with some parts of D0ha by now.

I am cool. I am alright. It's no big deal. It is expected anyway.

DID I TELL YOU I AM DRIVING ALREADY???!!!!!!!! Oh man! Lover can kiss goodbye to his car already!

Actually the last part is the whole point of this mundane entry.


Jill Yusoff said...

oh what a dreary driving sight, but you are cool, you would be alright. but the brownies..mmm..mmm

Anonymous said...

bestnya, panjanglah kaki lepasni. he..he..

nae said...

wooohooo....got your kaki back, i guess:) enjoyyyyy!!!!!!

Lollies said...

jill - percayalah. Itu adalah jalan yang ok sikti sebab ada pokok. Adalah kat tepi laut tapi tak lalu pulak masa tu. Now tak ada kamera pulak. Nanti ya

easylady - heh heh. Cuma wes till have one car, so kena kowteam dengan lover dulu baru ok. Better than nothing I would say eh?

nae - memang..orgasmic I tell you.

Nazrah Leopolis said...

ewah ewaaaaaah, no wonder ur gushing and swooning over haziq's VERY impressive report is kept minimal.

rupanya mak dia tengah shiok jadi roadster! knock 'em bullies dead, ya hear! after all u ARE driving a gigantic urban assault vehicle.

atiza said...

asal lau tak buat brownies masa ajak kitaorang makan2 dulu? kalau ada, sure bebear, onde2, famy dah wallup before kitorang sampai :)

best la driving tak jam cam kat KL..

Lollies said...

nazrah - heh heh. dah tak ingat kesah lain dah ni. ni lagi over the moon.

atiza - oh no no no. don't be fooled by the photo. Personally I think driving here is worst. Most people are very reckless. some partt ada jam. the thing herepeople drive sesuka hati. Ala2 road bully and seriously fast. Accidents is aplenty. AKu takkan kutuk malaysian drivers lagi. It's triple time worst here. Kalau tak biasa bawak kete, boleh seriaulah kat sini.

anne said...

aaahhh, now you can rush to the Zara and MNG sales!!!!

Sunfloraa said...

Ahhh so no wonder I havent seen much of you ;)

Drive babe.. minyak murah hehehehehe.

Lollies said...

anne - heh heh dengan syarat ada orang kasi saya duit untuk shopping sakan

SF - wei minyak kat saudi lagi murah. kalau you datang I kasi you drive nak?

dlt said...

He!he! Panjang la langkah lepas ni. If not, rasa macam katak bawah tempurung jer kan? Be sure to post more interesting pics of Qatar later since langkah dah panjang kay. :)

Lollies said...

:D macam tu jugaklah. duit tak ada. hati aje bsar. tapi true, kalau tak rasa terperap aje.

Idham said...


eh..naper la masa i gi doha tu belum drive..kalau adk .. boleh i jadi tourist...*smile*
happy to hear u r doing great!


Lollies said...

ha ha ha. but what to tour here in qatar. in the heat. ahhh die.