Wednesday, June 14, 2006

M0habba Bridge

Sign In Causeway Deal

Oh we all are so happy

D0ha and M@nama has signed a deal to link the two countries. The link is called M0habba. The M0habba bridge.

And yes yes, I am also living in a country who is going to have the longest fixed link in the word. Hooray to being the superlative. Hooray to engineering-know-hows.

The news is probably what most have been waiting for. 15 minutes to Manama. No hassle for the plane. Who wants to drive through Saudi anyway?

Interesting eh? But the project would take more than 4 years. I might not even be here. Tak merasalah pulak naik 40km causeway tu. Hmm does this mean I am liking it here?

I don't know what is in Bahrain though, except for Mich@el J@ckson. And even that, he won't be there anymore. Not that it would be a good tourist attraction anyway.

But I can see myself driving to M@nama for the weekend. Just because it is the next closest country I can go to. So we can meet there for weekend flings. Belly dancing and rub in order.

So four years from now eh. Anyone?


sare_reyes said...

it might be more than 4 years tau. ni macam dah taknak balik mesia je ni...hehe.

Jill Yusoff said...

That last Q could really get you into trouble. :)

Lollies said...

sare - eh nak balik nak balik!

jill - point taken. i blame it on my grandad. in efx2 it would be far off innocent eh?

Sunflora said...

How long is the drive frm ur place to Bahrain anyways? I thot its only abt 1 hr away?

4 yrs lamanyer!!

Jill Yusoff said...

hahaha i blame it on my grandad too for having such thought in the first place. i see that it has suitably been amended :)

Nazrah said...

i think u've had a wee bit too much mango lah...siap nak bergelek-gelek tu...

Lollies said...

SF - it is. but via plane.well about half an hour actually. but this causeway only 15 mins, so say the newspaper cuts lah. immigration clearance tak taulah how long.

jill - setelah difikirkan separa masak, sesungguhnya ada betul point itu. maka ianya lbh sesuai sebegini. di efx sungguh selamat.

nazrah - ha ha ha. This mango thing is driving me crazy. or is the kambing? ;)