Friday, June 16, 2006

Siblings Love

Haziq was invited to his friend's birthday party the other day at Burger King. Hmm I am not sure whether it was what they chose as the party packages but I think the McD's package in Malaysia is so much better.

The party was chaotic. That I can summarise tell you. These kids are a bit rough. Bebudak arab ni kasau betullah When they were playing passing the balloon game instead of passing it nicely like what normal children do, they would punch and kick the balloon instead. Sya who was in the circle, amazingly maintained to the last two, refused to play any other games after. She actually looked scared. And musical chair game was the worst. The chairs were everywhere. Or the kids were constantly holding on to the chairs. Ayoooo. The facilitators had to really shout over the mike and restart the games many times. Sore losers some of them.

Anyway, that was the first time I heard Happy Birthday sung in Arabic . Party songs in Arabic. The musical chair song was in Arabic. There is something about some Arabic pop songs that makes you want to swirl and twirl your hips. The music is sooo seductive..

But one thing about that night that made me think was what Haziq's friend said to him. He said to Haziq that Haziq is a lucky boy. And why is that, Haziq asked. He said you have such a cute brother (refer to Zachary). I asked Haziq, what do you think? You think you are lucky? And he, unromantically said yeah. He is cute.

I must say despite my tiredness sometimes, I find these little beings amusing.

Do your kids squabble and fight and then one come running at you and said Ibu look at him. Ibu look at her. Look! Look! Ayoo seboklah.

Do you ever see them sitting together plotting something mischievous intently. Even with JackJack, the oblivious one, looking so serious.

Do they get frustrated with the littlest ones who seem to get away with anything? His toys are his, their toys are also his?

Do they hit each other and run away. Run across the house. Right behind you! In front of you. Tumbling everywhere?

Or watch TV together, where the oldest would laugh most since he understands it, and will be followed by even a heartier laugh by the others. Including the littlest one who is clueless.

I find their closeness and bonding beautiful. They do fight. And I do nag and get angry. But they really love each other and hit each other. A universal symbol of sibling's love. Then they wrestle and hug and laugh.

I pray that my children would be close to one another, forever. Even through their married life. Even when I am gone only to leave them a scrappy plot of land to be divided amongst them. It breaks any parent's heart to see their children straying from one another. This, I know.

One of the Malays custom was that we should gather the kids umbilical cord stump, the one they fall off after a week of their birth, in a small pouch. I don't know what to do with them. But should I worry now? I didn't have any of theirs. Haziq's fell off in the hospital. Constantly sleeping under the photo rays for his jaundice, the stump fell off and thrown. I didn't keep the rest for I didn't see the point. I know there are some ayahs to recite. But I errr do not know what. *shame*

So for now I follow the flow. One thing I avoid most is to say one is better than the other in front of them. One is definitely better than the other in certain ways but it should not be an issue.

Hugs and advices. Kisses and time outs. Love and discipline.


maklang said...

The most common sentence here in my house is...mak tengok xx buat xx. So mak pun tengok je laaa...

and they get angry at me for just looking! Seronok ngusik bebudak ni...enjoy it while you can!

Jill Yusoff said...

siblings love is truly beautiful but siblings rivalry can really turn ugly. i do have murder wish on my siblings sometime (ok, all the time) but yours are really in good hands.

MA said...

I think I have only Adik's cord. I don't remember what happened to the rest (teruk punya Mak).

I think it is every parents' wish that the kids stay united till they are old.

Whenever my kids fight and get angry with the other - I would always tell them that both of you are my children and I love you deeply. I cannot take sides. I however can punish the person who started it.

And I tell them to think of what's gonna happen to me if all of them decide to stay away from one another.

They are still young , but at least something for them to start pondering on.

You're doing good Lollies :-)

anis said...

i am yet to have my own kids one day. so for the time being i'm doing that damage control role for my sister's and brothers' kids. its funny really how they would obey me more than their own parents. and their parents would use my name to threaten their kids like, 'atteh tengok si polan ni buat adik diaa'. and usually i would go on and say something like, 'atteh kira sampai 3 je, kalau tidak.. sattuuu...duaaa..." and before i can reach the number tiga, the kids would go on scurrying around hugging each other, forgiving with kisses and all.

weird too, when i was a kid, i'm like the easiest target for siblings bullies and rivalry. well now, i guess the table has turned!

anyway, i love to read your daily rambles with your family. makes my maternal bio-clock ticks like a bomb. hahaha!

Restless said...

I have to agree with you about the arabs - they are a bit rough and loud-speaking lot.

Sunflora said...

Imagine if you have to host a birthdya party and invite them to your house. Hint: jgn invite to your house! habis pecah semua!

I don't know if They are semula jadi ganas (pasal org padang pasir) or have they become a generation like that because they are mainly raised by their maids?

Re umbilical cords.. EWWWUUUUUUUU hahahaha

Lollies said...

mak lang - ha ha ha. kalau buattak tau best jugak kan?

jill - there are only the two of us, but we hate each other. :(

mak andeh - mintak tunjuk ajar. :)

anis - woo you kak teh tapi power eh?

restless - betullah tu.geram jugak kekadang. tak mau kalah langsung.

SF - tak naklah panggil depa. tak taulah yang mana tapi rasa macam sungguh natural gitu perangai mereka. mak bapak pun macam sama aje

ingat tu SF simpan tali pusat tu tau.

Nazrah said...

i simpan tali pusat...tinggal nak kumpul tali pusat lain jer..

Idham said...


children learn to love their siblings from parental love...and there were plenty of that from what i saw.



JoKontan said...

Arab ni memang kasau.

Hawau punya kasau. Kalau main bola tuu, bentes kaki tuu biasa ajerlaa. I used to have some Arabs friends.

My friend told me, ini disebabkan cara diorang dididik masa kecik lagi. Kalau mengope* tuu, Mak diaorang main tonyohkah ajer kat Muka diaorang. :-)

Mebbe you can see there ?

pugnacious pudenda said...

had some arabian neighbours and we used to play together. memang diorang kasar. and some of our distant cousins hailing from the middle east memang tak reti bahasa (be it malay yg memang diorang tak faham, english or arabic). nak pelangkong je kadang-kadang tu.

sare_reyes said...

budak2 selalu main ganas skit...tapi it's unintentional. lepas main,selalunye gaduh pastu main balik...hehe.

Lollies said...

nazrah - saya doakan awak boleh teruskan koleksi tali pusat anda dengan kadar segera

idham - saya pun senyum juga. thank you

TJ - peerghh tak pernahlah i tengok dia orang menyusu. tapi kalau marah anak, selamba aje dihagul-hagulnya kepala anak dia. Bukan anak dia dengar pun. hancus

pugnacious - ayooo..jangan risau anak saya akan di didik cara melayu sepenuhnya

sare - oh you have not seen anak arab. nothing like budak-budak kita main. serious kasar.