Tuesday, December 12, 2006


About Traffic

The traffic was bad on the Seremban-KL highway when I drove to KL. Welcome to Malaysia, where highway is jam packed on weekends.

It was Selangor's public holiday yesterday. It took me one hour to reach Bangsar from my house, which otherwise should be a short 15 minutes.

About Songs

Many old songs are sung again huh? New remix and all. I suddenly feel so old. There will come a day, I will have to tell my kids, hey this is an old song. it was better the old version.

About nose and boobs

Many artists have sharper nose now. Is it make-up?

Many ah mois with bigger boobs now. Is it the food they eat?

About Shopping

I hate shopping for clothes you know. I envy those who can shop and end up with heaps of goodies.I have problem finding good pants. It doesn't help that I have a big bump and a small waist. Anything that fits the bum would have a waist too large. And I don't like tying knots. It makes my tummy big. Which already is. I do not need to flatter it more.

What's with the tops nowadays? Too small. The Vs too low. Too transparent. Too short. The one that fits me make me look fat. Bencilah.

But Malaysia is a heaven for shoes. Especially during sales. Hooray.

About Stroller

Zachary had been a fairly cooperative boy. He sat in the stroller most of the time in the mall. He even slept in it for two solid hours. The only things I am scared of pushing him up and down the escalator. Ayoooo so ngeri. I used the elevator instead. But many able people who are not pushing a stroller or a trolley or wheelchair rush into the elevator before me. I hate most is the elevator in Sunway pyramid. The small ones in the middle of the court. Too many selfish able people.

And pushing the stroller down the travellator with bags and wearing a stilleto is also a scary feat.

Cyber cafe and fax Store

There is no cyber cafe in Mid Valley in case you want to know. There used to be one at the boulevard area. So I went there pushing Zachary, only to find rows of slimming stores. It intimidated me. I felt fat, inadequate and jiggly.

Anyway if you ever need to access the internet at Mid Valley, like I did, there is one corner at MPH. There are four computers and they charge you RM2 per half an hour. I personally think they should not allow kids playing games there though.

And also if the need to fax is a matter of life or death, there is one at Carefour. At one of the magazines and paper store. There used to be one next to 1901. They have moved at P1 level under the travellator at Jusco's side. This one do photocopy in colours and also can print your school assignments. (But the computer was so damn slow)

Hmm anyway it had been a good return for me. I was never idle. Busy busy everyday. I get to eat what I want to eat. For the record I prefer the briyani in Malaysia better. I get to meet those I want to meet. I got to do what I wanted to do.

You guys are lovely. And Dory so kurus. Betik too (sebelum dia marah aku) and Diah too for God's sake. How can a pregnant woman be slimmer than me who is not pregnant.

Gart's female colleagues are so so kurus. The newscaster on TV also so kurus. What are they eating?? Or not eating maybe.

Fried koay teow with kerang are the best.


MULAN said...

yey yey yey.. could hardly wait to go back too... food, food, food... eat, eat and eat...

scared of driving with my kids. read a lot about those highway gangsters & road nuisance..

sare_reyes said...

Malaysia is heaven for food but... really lacking in facilities for OKU and mother+baby :)

Jill Yusoff said...

and you are just breezy and vivacious. looking good babe.

lollies said...

mulan - burp. baru makan mee bandung ni.

sare - tulah benci betul tolak stroller

jill - you too babe. you too.

anggerik merah said...

Fried kaay teow kerang is my fav. Couldn't wait..

Mama Rock said...

lollies, glad you had a ball! btw, your point on the song, I'm already doing thaa with my kids ...errr the original version is better :)