Tuesday, December 12, 2006

You Wait

Perhaps the two weeks apart brings back new meaning to our love life. Cewah! Macam bagus!

Anyway we have been on sms or phone calls. Which made me angry because lover is terrible at answering sms and sometimes I can't hear him properly. I am impatient, I know.

But there are times that we enjoyed the teasing. Like lovers we are. Especially on YMs. I can't wait to get back.

I chat with the kids too. Jack was so happy to see kakak and abang and do little dance for them.

Sya sounds so cute on YM. Can't wait to go back and hug her. Hug all of them.

I teased them on the cam. I ate satay which irked lover. I showed MAMEE to Haziq. He didn't care. I showed Roti Gardenia perisa cokelat. Ha ha! He wanted that. I drank vitagen. He wanted that too.

Lover had been quite good with the kids. Apparently he had been taking them to support the Malaysian team at the Asian Games. They were on TV too. Haziq was seen on TV banging the drum. I think that was quite an experience.

I am pretty sure the house is in one piece because that is my lover for you. I have objection with the type of food he is feeding the kids though.

Regardless, I am missing them lots. It is tiring doing things alone (ESPECIALLY PERGI PEJABAT TANAH OK!!).

So lover, you wait ok.


anggerik merah said...

Surely your lover will smile ear to ear reading the last line...:-)

Mama Rock said...

pejabat tanah? any pejabat kerajaan is a nightmare!
when are the two lovebirds to be reunited?

k.d said...

Abscence makes the heart grow fonder. But it can make the heart aches too..The longing..the yearning..for hugs and kisses from loved one.

I wish you well..

Soon you'll be reunited and the lovebirds will rejoice..

sare_reyes said...

hmm...apa saja la yg lover u kasi anak2 makan ek? maggie? nasi goreng kicap? sup cendawan instant? hehe

dlt said...

lover and anak2 sure melompat2 sambut kat epot. hehe! tak bawak balik sate ke? or roti gardenia perisa coklat, or mamee, or semua2 lah?

hmm.. from now on u r officially Full Time House Wife lah. Enjoy!