Monday, December 18, 2006


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So much of me being melancholic about the little rain in Qtar. It rains everyday today now! It rains so much, it even surprises the Qtar Metereological department. In fact this year is the wettest year they have seen since 1964. I was here the same time last year, and I clearly remembered it never rain this much.

Rain is a bless.

In fact Qtar should learn from rain to better manage their drainage system. What drainage system? Qtar doesn't believe in drains. There is practically no drain anywhere. Even if there is, it is accumulated with sand. Thus look what happen to Qtar when it is drenched the whole day, three days straight.

The top two pictures are mud right in front of my house. It is almost impossible to park. My lover's car was stuck in one of the holes. And it was a 4x4 mind you. Luckily some good Qtari Samaritan with powerful Toyota Land Cruiser pulled the car out. Qtaris can be amazingly helpful. They might surprise you like that.

The weather is really cold now. It went down to 9 degree Celsius.

The rain can also surprise you sometime. Here I am rewarded with the beauty of a rainbow in the land of Qtar.

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ruby said...

That last picture is awesome. It takes my breath away.

You are right. Rain is a blessing, only we do not ready ourselves for it.

I was in Labuan once when that year they suffered from drought. I was talking to the taxi driver and he told me, ' Cik kalau letrik takde ok, ayer takde tak ok' (Miss, we can survive with no electricity, but not without water). He is so right.

Happy New Year to you and Family.

JoKontan said...

Whoa ,.....

What a beautiful jpgs u got the Lolleetah..

The contrasting colour sky blue and Mars-like sand stone peppered with dark tumbuhan (?)

The best part of it, I see a rintis right in the middle of it. Batang ACSR ? Ha ha haa.

Jill Yusoff said...

The rainbow pic is brilliant!
The wetness is making me wet. Shhh.

sare_reyes said...

lawanye pelangiiii!!!! tp gambar kat bawah tu gersang je. cam kontra la plak. hehe.

Lollies said...

ruby - indeed it is. I was lucky that I managed to take the pic without much thought and yet manage to capture the colours and the arch perfectly.

TJ - double batang tu. ha ha ha

jill - the coldness is infectious

sare - itulah yang menyebabkan kewujudan pelangi itu lebih dihargai. mewarnakan kegersangan padang pasir

k.d said...

Hi lollies. Enjoy the rain , the blessing while you have it. At least it's not like it rains for few months, with heavy gale winds and bitter cold!

Kak Elle said...

sana sini hujan we had 24 hrs rain yesterday flooded in certain area - knee deep.Love the pic of the rainbow.

Lollies said...

k.d - oh trust that i am enjoying albeit the muddy patches. otherwise it is so barren here in qatar

kak elle - satu dunia hujan ya

Mama Rock said...

wah cantiknya!

Idham said...

:) nak copy gambar rainbow.....aah, i love rainbows..


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