Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Arabian Holidays

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The whole Lollies clan will be taking a trip to the beautiful majestic country of Oman. We are leaving tomorrow for about two weeks. So I would probably be on hiatus for a while and will later bombard you with the boring journal (somewhat) of my travel.

Oman is vast and we couldn't cover it all especially if the time and budget is limited. So I decided to explore the east of Oman which I believe is the best region to visit during winter. Salalah, on the west side which is a region of history in nature (Prophet Job (Nabi Ayub a.s. tomb and the ruins of Queen Sheba's (Puteri Balqis)castle) will have to wait.

We'll be driving all the way from Doha. The map above is the route that I have planned for the whole trip.

On the 21st we'll drive carefully out of Doha, get into short transit into the Saudi and later into the UAE and finally make a stop at Dubai. I estimate the journey will take about 8 hours.

In Dubai, I am staying with Halley, Dory's friend. HIIIIIII! See you soon. I hope the kids will behave. Apparently its Dubai Sales Festival now. I am not looking for much to shop, but I will probably get some sweaters and jackets for the kids and perhaps knee-high boot for me and another good all covering shoes (its freezing here). Lover might want to get new shades (he lost them in the dunes)

Then the next day we'll move out to Khasab, Musandam. Musandam is an Oman state seperated from the rest of Oman by UAE. The journey will most likely take about three hours. However I am planning to make lots of stops. I heard the route is picturesque. I can't wait to snap snap snap.

We'll be staying in Khasab, Musandam for three days. Hope to catch good view of the sea and fjords.

After doses of majestic cliffs and probably dolphins we'll make a move to Muscat, the capital of Oman. The journey will take about 8 hours. We'll probably visit lots of forts, souqs, beaches and villages along the way. Will stay in Muscat for three days. Hope it is enough to wash our clothes and relax and get some souveniers.

Then we'll take a slow three hours drive to Sur. A beach famous for its turtles. This will only be a 2 day stay but due to the short journey, I hope to be checking out some remote areas along the way like the Sumail Gap and whatever else (remind me to read again).

Then we are off to Nizwa located at the foothill of dramatic Hajar mountain. Five hours from Sur. Three days here.

And last stop at AlBuraimi. We reserved for one night stay, but if it turns out good, we might extent. Its only three hours drive but from what I read, there is just so much to see.

With that I hope you learn some geography today.


Idham said...

:) welcome to dubai....and yes, it is the start of Dubai Sales Festival...:)

you have chosen a picturesque ( betoi ka spelling???) route into and around Oman...especially Salalah is breathtakingly beautiful.
Oman - mountain and ocean together!

Eh, kalau i ada ada Dubai...boleh jumpa ka?



Lollies said...

err I am not going to salalah. not yet anyway. anyway salalah is best viewed during summer, so i'll waitlah. otherwise nak drive muscat-salalah is about 1000km. tak larat

sare @ syah said...

what?!!! 8 hours of travelling from one place to another??!!! lamaaaaa tuuuuu....lenguh punggungg nanti. hehe
anyway, selamat bershopping sakan. hehe

1na said...

yea... seronoknya pergi trip

nak ikut boleh? syokkan p dgn 1 whole family... ;)

have a safe and sound journey


anggerik merah said...

Enjoy every moment of your trip dear!

Lollies said...

sare - tulah. tapi tak ada good place to stop anywhere. kat oman and UAE tukar2 drive and i guess stop stop lah kot

ina - mesti pergi whole family. baru seronok

AM - I so will

k.d said...

Nice one. I want to travel too! Been to Muscat but just for few days.

But I tell get in and out of Oman..the Immigration.. gosh.. such a hassle! I hope you got your visa sorted.


Jo Kontan said...

Thanks a lot for the short Lesson.


Keep updating cikgu !! We're waiting.

One more thing. Amek gambor le berbanyak..and enjoy ur holiday

Kak Elle said...

Lollies have a great holiday to you and family.

Anonymous said...

eh pegi holiday rupanya. patut mummy lollies buat teka teki oman. happy holiday.

p/s: just now tgk buletin utama punya sport news, dia buat special slot pasal sokongan padu rakyat mesia kt doha. dia tunjuk video yg mummy lollies pegi desert tu. rasanya muka hubby mummy lollies terpampang dgn clear beberapa kali juga tp sadly tak cam your face. heh.

Anonymous said...

lollies, pegi dubai kirim O2 Atom stealth buleh?

dlt said...

syoknye holiday cam gitu. kitorang baru balik from pd. hubby's family. siap wat sukaneka lagi. syok oooo.....
like 1 mentioned, ur activities with malaysian team tu was on the tv3 news last nite. but since i didn't know u, so cannot figure out which one is u.

Nana said...

have a safe, fun, nice, enjoyable trip lollies!

Mama Rock said...

have a safe trip there..enjoy!

Anonymous said...

kat dubai katanya handphone memurah..
beli le satu for each one of you..

Anonymous said...

safe journey.. and salam aidiladha utk u n ur family.. maf zahir dan batin kalau ada terkasar bahasa dan adab.