Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dune Bashing at Inland Sea Qtar (Kh0r Al Ude1d)

This trip was organised by us, the ASS, for any Malaysians who want to enjoy their time in Qtar. And about 28 cars registered, that made up about 130 participants, men, women and children, even babies and senior citizens.

Indescribable! Ahh surely you are bored with me saying that. I have run out of vocabolary to describe fun or exhilarating. The two hour journey on the dunes just beat any roller coaster ride because it is dynamic. The best thing to happen is when a car got stuck. Of course you can only be ok with it if you have proper equipment.

We camped there. It was freezing. It rained during the day too, so the sky was dull. I didn't take much photo of the sea because of the dullness. Definite next time!

Thank god all the kids were ok and were enjoying themselves. Haziq insisted we stick on the bumpy ride. heh! heh! When we do, all of them would scream like mad dwarves. They all inherited madness from their mum.

We had a little treasure hunt game after dinner. This one was not organised by the ASS, rather by the brilliant Dr. Azhar (who was once the VP for MERCY Malaysia).

I lead the smallest group of boys. My son (8 year old), Irfan (an equally young boy), Ashraf (5 year old) and JackJack (2 year old). There were all hopeless at cracking the codes but wanted to win so much. I wanted them to have fun. To keep their spirit up and just because I am a mental goddess, I ran frantically around the campsite shouting


Man I so need the break. These running and yelling without any care or shame is the break very much needed.

I was told later that people thought i was winning and was psyched. Ha! Ha! Ha!

We got no 4.

I couldn't sleep much because I was so worried after seeing a small desert mouse IN the tent. Eeeewwww! Next time we'll bring our own tent.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingOh we found some desert flowers. It has one slimy root. It usually blooms out in the winter. Masya Allah!

I was also the official photographer. Ha! Ha! Ha! Now that is certainly joke! Regardless, I am making a mental note to play with the aperture for better depth of field and to try increasing the speed when taking dynamic movement. It was difficult running about taking phoos of people especially during games. Lantaklah ko!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Mr Drive fast took the photo of our car. That's me sticking out of the window, taking photos!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
At the edge of the dune

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
A cayenne was pulled out after it got stuck, The front row is the fellow of the commitee

If you have nothing better to do, you can check out the photos HERE.


Idham said...

:) FanTasTic! Just reading and seeing the photos...i can feel the ExCiteMent! WOw win WIn!!

Heyyy...u r a very good photographer laa.....!!


Anonymous said... nyer..
The edge of dune...look so scary..but beautiful scene.

Anggerik M.

Jo Kontan said...

wot happeng to the Cayenne ?.

Kalau kat sini (as you know laa), that Cayenne would NEVER touch mud. Ever..

Jauh sekali nak ber 4X4...

Ni mainan orang kekayer jer nih ..

As always, beautiful pictures. (Aperture priority for scenes, shutter priority for actions and concentrate hard on the composition..)

Lollies said...

idham - heh heh! terjerit-jerit saya malam tu.

AM - masa kat tebing tu takut aje pasir melorot

TJ - actually kalau i ada cayenne kat malaysia pun i tak masuk 4x4 sebab 4x4 malaysia dasat gila and muddy. nak kena modify exhaust segala. kat sini tak teruk sangat. just bumpy ride. tak yahlah naik lereng sand dune tu kalau takut.

err boleh cita tak pasal composition tu sikit

maklang said...

Wah....seronok ek...

k.d said...

Ramai gak Malaysian kat Qatar yek. You sure sounded like you were having the time of your life, mengalahkan bebudak! Hehehe..

Just wondering..ada jumpa tak Dr. Halimah Kos and hubby? Hubby dia kerja ngan Petronas kot. I rasa dia baru datang sana.

Mama Rock said...

wow! sounds like you you guys had a blast!

Lollies said...

mak lang - heh heh amat sangat mak lang

k.d. - memang ramai malaysians kat sini. raya kecoh sungguh. ya saya kenal dr. limah. dia dah kerja kat sini. kat hospital hamad bahagian ER

mama rock - indeed we had

simah said...

more more stories.. seronok gila baca ur entries!! soo adventures.. u ni mesti among the fav..famous..*crazy* people there!

simah said...

more more stories.. seronok gila baca ur entries!! soo adventures.. u ni mesti among the fav..famous..*crazy* people there!

Lollies said...

simah - favourite dan famous tu taklah. ha ha ha crazy aje betul. ahaks