Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Traditional City

Muscat, is a great traditional city.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingIt has all the modern infrastructure, three tier flyways and all and traffic jam! Finally traffic in Oman. Oman is a city in the Gulf that still hold on tight to its' traditional values. At least that is what seem to me. Could it be since I am only visiting tourists area?

There are more youths donning shirt and jeans rather than their traditional dishdasher. Many were semi brave to talk to me. Scratch chin. Why am I so harp on this? Because in the typical Gulf scenario, the males rarely talk to the females unless deem necessary. Sometimes a man does speak to me here in Qatar, but he would get heavy teasing from his counterparts. Or generally the talk to me when business is concern.

anyway, the Oman Government is strict about the look of their city. For a start there should not be any skyscrapers. No pitched roof houses. All buildings must maintain the typical middle east flat roof. The new government buildings must be built with a a fort facade and painted in the sand colour. The result? Is a fabulous looking city.

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In Muscat, we finally became the typical tourists. Purchasing souveniers at the Muttrah souq. he he! Among the must-get souveniers in Oman is the khanjar, the traditional dagger. We bought ours made in pure silver and framed. (Tak gantung lagi. malas) And to match with it a silver short sword also in frame also tak gantung lagi. You can get the silver jewellery usually donned by the bedouins. (we didn't get). There are also camel wolled woven into wall hanging.( we didn't get). We bought kumma, the Omani traditional skull cap (ketayap). The handmade embroided ones can come up to hundreds. (We bought the cheap one)

Muscat is made even more perfect for the city port looks handsome with the barren mountain in the background.

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Some photos here.


Mama Rock said...

oh yes, one can spot an Omani by his kumma!

Jill Yusoff said...

my brain is so f*ed i see o*nani everywhere. shall say no more.

Lollies said...

mama rock- betuuullll

jil - oh more of that is coming in my entries