Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Grant me patience

I am trying to plan a treasure hunt. Both for adult and children.

But I want you to read this familiar story. About two guys who are friends. Samuel and Joseph. They had the biggest argument and decided to see a judge.

Samuel claimed that Joseph has taken his gold. Joseph denied.

Samuel told the judge that he gave the gold to Joseph under an oak tree. The oak tree witness everything.

Judge told Samuel to bring the oak tree to the court.

Samuel went off leaving Joseph with the judge.

Time passes.

Judge ask Joseph, "Do you think he has reached the oak tree by now?"

Joseph said "No! Not yet. Just a bit more."

After even more time.

Judge ask again, "Do you think he has reached the oak tree by now?"

Joseph said, "Yes! He should be there by now."

Soon Samuel came to the court with a sad face, "Judge! The oak tree refuse to move, nor would he speak. Whatever will happen to me?"

Judge smiled and said, "It's ok. The oak tree has come to me.."

OK OK. We all know that the judge tricked Joseph to finally confess. Or did you get it? Sorrylah I am a bad story teller

The question was, explain how did the judge trick Joseph?

And then explain that to an 8 year old boy. At least my 8 year old boy.


k.d said...

Waaa...I don't get it Lollies!! Explain to me pleeaassee!!

~ GAB ~ said...

Lemme guess. The judge knows Joseph is lying and good at making up stories. Reason: How does he know whether Sam has already reach the oak tree when he was together with the judge in the courtroom? Whilst Samuel follows as-what-it-is on what being asked by the judge without questioning the ratinale.

And yet again, the jugde cannot penalize Joseph for making up a story irrelevant to the missing gold.

Aiyya... how ah????