Friday, October 05, 2007

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I have been tagged here and there. So here I am for the five things

5 Things in my bag

- sunglasses alhantuya.
- purse yang tercabut button and dah kurang tembam compared to masa kerja
- compact camera
- handphone
- make up on the go. macam bagus - compact powder and lipstick aje

5 Things in my wallet

- Malaysia ATM card. I don't have an ATM card here. bukak account pun tak boleh. tak kerja.
- 2 credit cards
- identity cards - malaysian IC, resident permit, driving license, health card untuk pi klinik sini
- money, duit, fulus
- old receipts. bila nak buat housekeeping ni?

5 favorite Things in my bedroom.

over here i don't like my master bed room. I like the one in Malaysia. so favourite rhings are

- lover
- jack
- cosmetic stuff on the dresser. moisturiser abd stuff, perfume, hairbrush.
- a book i am reading. A malayan trilogy : Anthony Burgess
- kids story books to be read at sporadic times on my bed

5 Things I would like to do

- facial
- hair cut
- organise jack's photo
- prepare a present for a friend in the form of pictures that I took here. She is leaving for good at the end of the year. I am planning to print her pictures and make a booklet of sort. What do you think? Any idea?
- travel everywhere

5 Things I am doing now

- drying my hair by attacking it with a towel
- charging my camera batteries
- main jerawat
- checking alerts
- looking at photos

5 People I want to tag:

No one lah. It seems everyone has done it

If you have the time do watch AlJazeera channel or is it AlJazeera children's channel (ada ke ni) at about 1-2 a.m Malaysian time. 8-9 Qtar time. Someone would be on air tonight. He he


Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

i dont have aljazeera!!!


Nazrah said...

i pon takdakkk!!!

Theta said...

Your son Haziq is so the very natural at catwalking ;-)

Lack of ATM card? Just swipe hubby's 'coz he knows you're spending it towards the greater good of his household :D

atiza said...

al jazeera takat berita tu ada la..
but where got time..

bila balik mesia?

Anul said...

waaa...apa yg ada di al jazeeraaaa????

Lollies said...

zaza - it is ok. he he

nazrah - pun jugak? tapi bukan aljazeera per say pun. so tak apa

theta - you saw it in my multiply first eh? heh heh. I demand cash only from him.

atiza - aku balik next yearlah baby. summer

anul - anakku