Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Guess who is going to school?

He he he

He he he

He he he

It's me!!!

It's true my friend, I am your new school going old girl in the blog.

I have enrolled myself for the tajweed and arabic class here. Finally! Here in Qtar, yo can find a few establishments offering arabic, tajweed, and tahfiz classes. Some are quite expensive, some takes many hours in one sitting, and take most of your weekdays off and mostly most of the courses are done at night.

But the one that I am attending is, in my opinion, the most practical for a typical domestic goddess like me. You know for those who need to send their kids and pick up their kids. And also for those again like me, who wouldn't be able to go to evening classes and leave the kids at home alone, or would prefer to berkepit dengan lover as soon as lover comes home.

The class is twice a week. Monday and Wednesday. Arabic is taught on both days. tajweed is only taught on Wednesday. Each class is one and half hour each. And read this read this. It costs me QR120 PER YEAR! Per year I tell you. Is that cheap or what?

This course is done in an establishment special for ladies. It is heavily sponsored by the government of Qtar to help educate the ladies especially the expat's wife. Besides arabic and tajweed, they also give lessons on Fiqh, tawheed and tafseer.

I have been eyeing the course for a year, but was not able to attend for Jack2 was still around. And I must confess, this is the main reason that I sent Jack to school. Sure I said it would be good for him, so that he mixes with other kids, establish the english language, early exposure bla bla bla. But the real reason is, as a matter of fact, is really a very selfish reason. I just wanted something for myself. And that is why I chose Jack's classes to be on Monday and Wednesday. Most of the time, ladies and gentlemen, my life is precalculated.

In a way it is a balance thing. First I helped save lover's money for not sending Jack for the whole one week. I also get to go to the most core of the courses provided. having said that I have to forgo the other classes. But don't you think it is good enough?

Today is my second day. But we are still in the early days of the course where everyone's spirit is high and everyone is eager to learn. teaching is still basic Talk to me again in three months time. heh heh

Oh oh oh I was put for a test so they know where my level is for both arabic and tajweed is. I am put in the intermediate class for both classes, for which I am happy. This is one step hisgher than the beginner. And get this, the teacher said my handwriting is nice, MasyaAllah sister! She said. Ahsanti! I really had a laugh. Not to the teacher. But to myself. You all have seen my jawi writing kan? hahahaha. But yes, it was legible. And to an Arab, knowing someone who is non arab who can write in arabic font quite easily, must be quite something. nevermind my writing is not an art. However when she tested me on my tajweed, Ya Allah berapa kali kena betulkan the makhraj. Baru Fatehah. Aku ingat dah cukup betul tu. But she did ask whether I have learned in an arabic school before. This is the second time an arabic teacher ask me this question. I am still perplex with this.

The crowd seems fun. So many ladies from so many nationalities. I am really excited.

Anyway, pray for my istiqomah.


k.d said...


Lepas nie boleh le blog in arabic yek :D

Nazrah said...


ummi said...

Wah.. bestnyer..i pun nak..

Tapi takut hangat2 taik ayam je I ni.. kelas yoga pun tak pergi dah..baru pergi 5 session ada lagi 9 session

fayrahim said...

yeah lollies!!

gud fa you!

Lollies said...

doc - hahaha. entah bila tahunlah kan

baby - shukran jazilan

ummi - tulah yang takut tu. tapi since i dah bayar mahal takkasi can for jack's school ada sokongan untuk istiqomahlah. kalau tak lover tarik balik kemudahan itu. :D

fayrahim - thanks

w a n t w o b u c k l e m y s h o e said...

bagus la. wah nanti mummy balik berguru dgn mummy pulak lah. hoyeh! hehe.

simah said...

lollies.. that is like u r sooo lucky la!! eh the fee tu kalau tukar ker RM or euro berapa tu? sori la tak berapa pandai money xchange ni...

good luck with ur course...! have fun there!

i have been eyeing such a thing too..tapi ingat balik mesia baru nak belajar sebab sebutan orangturki lain dari kita...

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

way to go lollies! have fun and good luck! teach us a few nanti ya?


Anul said...

Waaa...alhamdulillah kak lollies..a rohaniah knowledge. Now that's something most of us never think of it especially akhir zaman ni..

yoga, ballet dancing..well..tu le benda2 yg dikejar skrg..

tumpang happy..

ADIEJIN said...

hear hear ye Nazrah...MABROOOOKKKK LOLIIESSSSS????

balik nanti boleh jadi Cikgu Tajweed.

Slamat Hari Raya..Maap apa yg patut

Theta said...

Congrats and good luck!

Have a great time in class. I wish to enrol in one such class too. Maybe when my girl is bigger or I enlist the help of a Bibik. ;-)