Monday, October 01, 2007

Over Expressing : I Like

I like I like I like the way my lover show how much he appreciates my cooking. Especially when the cooking was exceptionally beyond. The goddessy kind. Trust you, me, he wouldn't just say hmm this is nice. Or you would have to insinuate his actions of sudden gullible of food. He would really tell. I don't have to worry that he was just exaggerating (well perhaps he is), because I know when the food is not at the Goddessy par or just so so, he wouldn't express that it is good. He would probably comment in the most tactful way when the food is below average good.

I have never told him thi, but I just love the way he praise me. ooohhh it just made me want to give him more. As you all know, i am not really the cooking type person. I wouldn't list it as a hobby that is for sure. In fact I didn't know how to cook until I had to survive my degree and had to share with four malay girls who wants rice everyday and my cooking turn was on every Monday. I really would not bother myself for recipe or even ask around on how to improve. I might have slowly killed my housemate throughout the two years we were together.

Of course then I got married and somehow it is just logical that I cook. Partly because both of us like to stay at home and eating out everyday was just not appetising.

And like everything you do, the only way to move forward is to improve. So does my cooking. When we were first married, he would show his appreciation by saying, hmm sedap and looked at me in the eye and caressed my cheek and then we can proceed to things yang lebih sedap. And then he upgraded his praises in parallel with my cooking's ability. (Ahaks!)

Now he would not only say hmm sedap and look at me and caressed my cheek, he would also shiver himself into an uncontrollable spasms, and roll his eyes like as if he is in ecstasy. Have you watched Gary Oldman in the Leon. Whenever he wanted to do something bad, (he was he bad guy in the movie), he would sniff his coke and got himself in ecstasy complete with shivers and rolling eyes.

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My lover is my Gary Oldman, and my food is his coke (sometimes). I like I like I like.

And during this fasting month, when you cook extra special for breaking fast, I get even more of this ecstasy expression. I would just roll my eyes in the pretense of being the "perempuan melayu terakhir yang ayu and pemalu" and say you are too much.

The kids love this drama and would impatiently wait for lover to do it. Even though he doesn't do it everyday, because not everyday the food is to his liking. "kuih apa hari ni?" "Trifle" "Alaaa". Trifle wouldn't be to his liking. No ecstasy there.

But the kids would still wait. Azan. Little doa. Bite kurma. A gulp of drink. A bite on food and ecstasyyyyyyy. They are always amused.

And now the kids are taking sides. The boys would all go into trance and Batrsiyia would roll her eyes like me.

As you can see, we are breeding an over expressive children.


ummi said...

A yo yo.. lamanyer tak update..

Ohh syiokkan kena puji.. nanti kalau dah jadi pro.. invite me to qatar for dinner..

semalam i masak puding caramel.. the texture was so bad.. last time i buat was what, 6 years ago..he he not to worry you are not the only one yang tak pandai masak.. i pun sama and I don't like to sweat in the kitchen.. tapi dah kawin kena gak masuk dapur..

k.d said...

Best kan bila lover kita cakap gitu...hilang penat lelah semua. Baru hari tu dia kata I punya tandoori lebih sedap dari bro yusouf punya kat mosque Dublin!! WOW..!! That sedap betul tu! Hahaha

cikdinz said...

puji-pujian yg diberikan.

goboklama said...

lucky you!!! for me in the other hand, it will be Arif who persuades me to cook sedap2 for Ayah to puji,heh!

Lollies said...

ummi - seronok! Orang cheap thrilllah katakan. he he. eh sekarang pun saya boleh jemput kak ummie dinner. marilah sini. :D

kd - waaahh itu mesti memang amat sedap tu! nak sikit

cik dinz - amat syukur. shayang kat dia

qisst - tapi you masak memang sedap pun kan. tak yah tunggu cheap thrill macam saya ni.

Gartblue said...

aku sungguh gumbira untuk ko .. pssstt can we get yzd and zd to sit together and share this secret? car arrr?

~ahni~ said...

Sebab2 kenapa aku dah hampir2 tak masak lagi sekarang ialah sebab komen2 yang terlalu ikhlas dengan masakan aku.

Yang confirm aku masak ialah air dan nasi aje setiap hari.

Beli, kalau tak sedap macam mana pun aku tak kecik hati.

Theta said...'re funny! The whole family is such a fun and lovable bunch!

I also love Gary Oldman as an actor :) Love him most Count Dracula....(okay, not relevant to topic)

Here's to more culinary ecstasy *wink*

Lollies said...

gart - can can. aku balik next year ko jemput aku pi rumah ko. ko masak tau. then aku kow tim

ah ni - alaa modest pulak cik dik ni.

theta - he he. I must say we are quite playful.

Oooh i loooovvee Gary Oldman. and yes in dracula too. I find myself wanting the dracula regardless he turned ugly. gary oldman is the man!

Nazrah said...

untungnya dapat pujian gitu.

my husband kasik rating...siap epicurian review lagi..kadang2 kecik ati tau bila markah 2.5 aje.

abih kalau markah tinggi, he'll say, this is the minimum benchmark...argh!

sebab dia kata kalau puji2 nanti lama2 quality menurun...hmph!

Hansac said...

Awak nengok Leon? Best kan? That is my no. 1 favorite movie. I even have the complete mpeg, dibittorentkan suatu ketika dahulu.

Best best best.

Lollies said...

nazrah - alaa tapi saya ni cheap thrill. padahal tak sedap mana pun.

hansac - amat amat amat best. i suka gila cerita tu. eh kat malaysia tajuk dia lainkan? tajuk dia the professional. and gary oldman amat mantap!