Sunday, October 21, 2007

I just want to tell

That I am feeling very happy these days.

It must be the positive energy I have been getting throughout the holidays of eating frenzy. Meeting the right people. Having great conversation. Some intelligent, mostly none. I feel so so good. So content. And I feel loved and has lots of love to sprinkle out.

And that is funny for I should be grumpy on my PMS day. And to top it, today is the day the routine starts again. Early get up, cooked up a wholesome breakfast of pancakes, getting the kids ready and O.M.G. why was the road so jammed up? Send kids, get home, clear the house, cooked asam pedas ikan tenggiri, rushed to haziq's school, then to Sya's school, then to Sya's sports activity venue, then back home to feed the boys lunch for ten minutes and out again to pick Sya, then the routine of mengaji and pouring over homework, then lover comes home, eat eat eat, tidy tidy tidy. You know the usual thing.

And nothing manage to put me down today. Today is my good day. the day when things are in good shades of pink. The day to hug the one you love. Kisses and smooches.

It must also be that the weather has been kinder. There were puffy clouds in the otherwise too clear blue sky. The breeze is far more pleasant. I can feel the spring in my feet as I walk.

I am enjoying this good feel day. I feel calm. I am feeling positively happy.

Hope you had a good day too.

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Anonymous said...

Hi lollies,

I am back to work too but chauffered driven, at least for the next 4 days ha ha ha.

I am happy for you too. Banyak pahala tu jadi home diva..

cikdinz said...

unta ni pun beraya ke....hehehee...

NJ@Goboklama said...

good for you girl!!

NJ@Goboklama said...


k.d said...

Aahhh...the feeling of sense of achievement at the end of the day when everything went right.

It's a rare feeling as everything is routine...

Have a good week..

nutty said...

awww... with all the positive energy saya pun tumpang gumbira.
tadi kan tadi kan saya makan burger. wah sedap giler, brapa bulan tak jumpa burger, tapi tetibe pak arab jual kebab tu terasa nak buat burger. saje je nak cerita adik saya punya joke.

"Burger apa paling happy? Give up? give up? Give up???



Lollies said...

ummi syoklah boleh bermesra-mesra sambil chauffeur driven to work.

cik dinz - hahahha. unta pun happy hour

qisst - anda bagaimana?

k.d. - routine maybe but never short of surprises.

Lollies said...


Adoimak! ketawa saya siot. I am so giving that joke to my son. mari kita semua BURGEMBIRAAAAAA

Diah said...

seronok yerr.... itu gambar unta tu ada makna tuh ;) patutlah happy niihh... and saya pun nak burgermbira jugak arr :D

Nazrah Leopolis said...

saya nak burger!!!

so, u r feeling invincible huh? so was it la perla or victoria's secret evening?

Jo Kontan said...

Super Snap Shot !

Can you tell wether the Untas closed their eyes or not ?. From my pc it loooks like they do !

Ha ha

Theta said...

I feel positively happy just reading this! :)

Glad your Raya went well. Especially those batches of open house your family hosted.

Lollies said...

bear - kisses and smooches to the world.

nazrah - ha ha ha. saya bendela jepun ni. tapi banyak pulak positive ions.

jokontan - tak tutup habis. mata kuyu aje. tapi camel memang mata kuyu pun kan?

tapi in actual fact these camels are not even kissing pun.

ZazaHardy said...

these camels cium angin la! but they look happy still! happy lolly! happy happy!


m.u.l.a.n said...

aacchhhhaaaahhh.. cutie cutie shot!!

sabor, sabor.. banyak pahala tu.. i was really occupied with daily routine/school activities masa puasa. now pulak dah takde apa2.. boring la hai..

Mama Rock said...

wow, your happy energy is spreading throughout the world! you know waht? i have somewhat the same picture of untas in that pose which i managed to snap while waiting for them to cross the road masa kat dubai dulu :)