Saturday, January 26, 2008


I received an email the other day. The email was apparently forwarded to the sender and was also a mail of a long list of forwarders and forwardees. With the name of the previous senders and receivers and all that. And a lot of this sign >>>>

I had to scroll down a loooonnnngggg time to get to the actual message.

And when I finally got down to the actual message, it was a photo. The email didn't warn me that the photo would be gory. It was a photo of a man squashed down under a huge block. Only his head peeked out from under the block, with eyes popped out and flesh splurt everywhere.

Oh correct me. It was not just one photo but many photos at different angle of the poor man. They were bloody pictures.

You must be thankful that I am not colourful with my adjectives, otherwise you would be visualising the picture as much as I am now.

Please clean up your forwarded mails of the long list of previous senders and receivers. And please warn people when a gory picture is coming up. Eeiiiiiii!

Let's enjoy ths kek batik instead.



Swahili said...

Ah..Ive wrote about this, twice i think in my very new blog. So I say..My sentiments exactly.

I like your blog prior to this, informative blog always does it for me.

And...Im beginning to think, we mite just hv the same taste in music.Close to You - is a lullaby song i sang to Harris (son) every nite for his 1st 6mth.You suka Don McLean?

atiza said...

you did kek batik for the kids? nampak macam sedap..

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

what i normally do when i get forwarded emails is tick in the box and then press delete. i dont even bother opening them up, unless if they come from Hardy and my sister of course. the rest, masok tong sampah!

i've eaten cake batik only once or twice in my life. i adore them. my bruneian housemate back in uni made them and they were the best! after that, tak pernah makan lagi. i dont even dare to make them. but after looking at your photo.. masyaallah... ini perot sudah berbunyi, ini tekak sudah terlior!

and my dear, just look at your photos! from the cake batik, to the dessert, to photos of haziq and sya.. oh.. not to mention gambar tangan ngan kaki! all capturing the moments. absolutely nothing to compare with my crafts.

been wanting to do the tag but i havent got the chance to. i dont normally do them but it's a happy thing! doesnt hurt!

all our love to you guys.


cikdinz said...

ngeri woooo....
sambil tu layan kek batik kan...